about reading science Essay

Journal 2
Dear Journal,
These past couple of weeks we have been reading scholarly research papers. They have been interesting but kind of hard to read. I find them tedious, and after a while it is hard to sift through all of the technical jargon. I think if I was more interested in the articles then they might be easier to read or I might be more willing.

The paper on corals was interesting but we had learned some of it last semester from our presentations. I one hundred percent agree that the world’s corals are being destroyed and that something needs to be done about them. It was crazy to think that something as simple as sunscreen can permanently damage an entire ecosystem. Even prior to reading the article I knew how essential they were to the marine environment. I think that there needs to be more marine protected areas. Despite how much I love snorkeling and swimming right off the coasts of resorts I go to, I think there need to be way more regulations if we want to have coral reefs in the future.

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The paper on the Horse Shoe crabs was very interesting. I like this paper because knowing this information will be useful for when we go do our survey. I didn’t realize how people use the horseshoe crabs for medical research. I think that it’s very smart to use horseshoe crab blood for testing the contamination of medical equipment. However if the population of horseshoe crabs is dwindling it should be very regulated. I am still amazed how much horseshoe crabs were harvested for fertilization. That picture in the article of all of the horseshoe crabs lined up is very shocking. I am glad that they do not do that anymore. However the article said there are still no coordinated restrictions on horseshoe crab fisheries. Hopefully in the near future there will be more restrictions on horseshoe crab fisheries as well as all marine organism fisheries. A lot of other things in the article were pointed to the human impact on the horseshoe crab population. The article was very slanted and by the end I was starting to think that the
authors had a very extreme view of the problem. The article being so biased made me question their facts a little bit more. I think it would be better for the authors to stay as unbiased as possible while still presenting their point.