Accounting majority of businesses and accountants using

Accounting is the backbone of any business and plays a key
role for any business acumen to flourish. The double entry system was invented
many years ago by Luca Pacioli and was recorded manually for quite some time
however, it was only in the 20th century due to new technological
breakthroughs where there was growth shown in the world of Accounting. Many big
businesses do their accounting through accounting software’s an example of some
software’s are, QuickBooks and FreshBooks. The questions remains, how important
is the age of computerised accounting now that it’s finally here? This is what
I will be discussing below.  

Traditional accounting is the foundation of finance, where
accountants or businessmen manually recorded debit and credit transactions in
ledgers and this is known as double entry bookkeeping.  Many believe that traditional accounting has
little value in comparison to computerised accounting due to majority of
businesses and accountants using accounting software’s. However, sole traders
all around the world do benefit from traditional accounting as they would
rather do their own bookkeeping manually then pay for an expensive accounting
software and a computer with large amount of memory which would increase the
expenses for the their small business drastically. Furthermore, it will not be
prone to hacking, as everything would be on paper thus making it more secure.

When starting up a business you want to reduce your expenses as much as you can
and manual bookkeeping allows that. It also increases your experience as doing
accounting manually can be a learning curve teaching you the in and outs of
balancing ledgers which can also benefit you if you decide to computerise your
accounting in the future. Computerised accounting is a lot more expensive and
can be breached by hackers, which could then lead to exposure of sensitive
information. Computerised bookkeeping can also be an inconvenience if your
software or computer crashes resulting in the loss of essential data. 





Computerised accounting has changed the world of accounting
forever. Quick, accurate and reliable is what we can conclude from it.

Accounting software’s limit human error and stop any type of omission
significantly thus making the information a lot more accurate and reliable,
which is great as reliability is one of accountings many concepts. Computerised
accounting allows faster data entry, which makes it much quicker for purchase
orders, invoices and payrolls to be collated and then printed. It can handle
enormous amount of data so if you are a big multinational business you will not
have any issues. Using the bookkeeping software allows calculation to be
instant and automated, which is very handy. In addition, with a click of a
button you can produce year-end and statistical data for your business and
start planning ahead and see what balances are going to be carried forward into
the new financial year. All data is stored in the cloud (remote file server)
which means you can access it on your smart phone or other devices if need be.

All back ups are done regularly and automatically which is a huge plus. Using
accounting software’s help enforce concepts like the prudence concept for
example expenses will not be understated and profits will not be overstated
because the software does it all for you making human error not an issue.

Accounting software’s also make it easier to abide with 1AS 1 standard
therefore also allowing it to meet the accruals concept, which is helpful. On
the contrary, manual bookkeeping has higher chances of human error and it takes
far too long to do. It is less reliable and does not abide with the timeliness
principle. It struggles to meet deadlines when dealing with large amount of data,
which makes it a lot more insufficient in bigger businesses. Moreover, the fact
that manual accounting is all done on paper, also jeopardises security as
businesses sometimes can not prevent employees from reviewing sensitive data,
which allows employees to abuse financial information through fraud or


In conclusion, I believe embracing the digital revolution has
been a great asset to the world of accounting. It may have its flaws and may
not be old school however, it solves many issues that were reoccurring in
traditional accounting such as human error and has made accounting a lot more
clear and organised. Has it hindered traditional accounting? I don’t think so.

It has taken something so important and delicate and gave it all the strengths
it was lacking. Growth is important in every aspect of life and technology has
grown to make accounting more reliable and contained which is now a very
important aspect of accounting history.


Born ambulance driver. He moved back to

Born Dec. 5, 1901, Hermosa IllinoisHe was innovative animation, creator and voice of Mickey MouseCo-funded Disney with his brother, RoyWon 22 academy awardsFounder of Disneyland and Walt Disney WorldMarried Lillian Bounds, an ink and paint artist, in 1925One of five children, 4 boys and 1 girlHe lived most of his life in Marceline, Missouri. This is where he began painting, drawing, and selling pictures to neighbors and family.He moved to Kansas City in 1911, here he developed a love for trainsHe later became a train engineer who sold snacks and newspapers to travellersDisney took photography and drawing in High School, and was a cartoonist for his school paperHe dropped out at 16 to join the Army but was rejected because he was underage. So instead he joined the Red Cross and was sent out to France and became an ambulance driver. He moved back to the US in 1919.After coming back into the US, he moved to Kansas City, with the help of his brother, he got a job at the Pesmen-Rubin Art Studio where he was trying to pursue a career as a newspaper artist. Here he met Ub Iwerks and later moved on to work at Kansas City Film Ad Company where he made ads based on cut out animation.During this process, he began experimenting with a camera and hand drawn cell animation and decided to open his own animation business. He recruited Fred Harman as his first employeeWith his business he created Laugh-o-Grams which were short animations. These comics were widely popular and with the money he was able to buy his own studio.They hired on a number of new employees and together created a 7 minute short that combined live action and animation, which was called Alice in Cartoonland.However, by 1923, the business had run out of money, and Walt Disney was forced to declare bankruptcy. Later, Walt Disney and his brother Roy saved up enough money to relocate to Hollywood, California. Here they began to work on creating the Disney Brothers’ Studio. Their first deal was with Margaret Winkler, a NY distributor, to distribute their Alice cartoon.They also created a character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and contracted the shorts at $1,500 eachA couple years later Disney had discovered that Winkler and her husband had stolen the rights to Oswald and as well as their animators. Because of this the brothers began working on shorts that featured a character Walt Disney had been working on for a while, Mickey Mouse.They first two shorts they created were Plane Crazy and The Gallopin’ Gaucho, both of which were silent films. They were unable to find someone willing to distribute it however. When sound finally made it into animation, they created a third comic, named Steamboat Willie, which included Mickey Mouse voiced by Walt Disney himself. The cartoon was an instant hitIn 1929, the Disney company created Silly Symphonies, these included MIcky’s new friends that we know today. Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto. One of the most popular cartoons, Flowers and Trees, was the first to be produced in color and win an OscarIn 1933, The Three Little Pigs and it’s theme song Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf became a theme song for people throughout The Great Depression  In December, 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first full lenght animated film and produced a whopping 1.5 million despite being in the midst of the Great Depression. It won 8 Oscars.In the next five years Disney’s company created four more full lenght animated movies, Pinocchio (1940), Fantasia (1940), Dumbo (1941) and Bambi (1942).

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the olive baboons
are categorized as unwavering quadrupedal baboon. However, obtainable figures demonstrate
that they really use a range of locomotor and postural behaviors. Bipedalism is
noticed sometimes but instinctively in custody and in the wild life. As identified
in other Catarrhini, young baboons seem to be bipedal than mature: this study
goal to deliver the compulsory quantitative statistics to support this
hypothesis, as nothing has been obtainable so far. The locomotor and postural
range was measured for two age classes: newborns start to search separately,
and mature. Our outcomes display that newborns seem to have a broader skills than
mature, and bipedal poses and locomotion in newborns, although uncommon, seem
to differentiate them noticeably from mature. In custody, behavioral context and
their shape and structure are the two key features that could clarify age associated
positional alterations, given a persistent environmental context., in which
the olive baboons
are categorized as unwavering quadrupedal baboon. However, obtainable figures demonstrate
that they really use a range of locomotor and postural behaviors. Bipedalism is
noticed sometimes but instinctively in custody and in the wild life. As identified
in other Catarrhini, young baboons seem to be bipedal than mature: this study
goal to deliver the compulsory quantitative statistics to support this
hypothesis, as nothing has been obtainable so far. The locomotor and postural
range was measured for two age classes: newborns start to searcVh separately,
and mature. Our outcomes display that newborns seem to have a broader skills than
mature, and bipedal poses and locomotion in newborns, although uncommon, seem
to differentiate them noticeably from mature. In custody, behavioral context and
their shape and structure are the two key features that could clarify age associated
positional alterations, given a persistent environmental context.

I. is in an ethnically diverse neighborhood,

I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY One- to three-page description of the project II. PROBLEM List the top three problems your product/service is addressing.The Gram’s Kitchen offers outstanding services that will be able to address the current problems in the area. In AREA, there are no restaurants with an ethnically diverse kitchen, few places for people to expose themselves to different cultures, and no restaurant that grants the opportunity to enjoy a true home cooked meal. With a goal of enhancing the community, the Gram’s Kitchen offers a direct solution to these problems. First, most restaurants have type of food they serve whether it is Chinese, American, or Italian. By opening the Gram’s Kitchen, there would be a place to enjoy food from all over the world. Because our location is in an ethnically diverse neighborhood, we would be bringing the community together to share a variety of foods. In addition to enhancing the community with culturally diverse foods, we will be able to address the problem of lack of opportunity for others to share their culture. At the Gram’s Kitchen, all of our chefs will be grandmas from all around the world. These grandmas will be able to share their story of how they ended up here through their food. Not only will this be a great opportunity for the elderly community, the guests will love to expose themselves to other cultures through their dining experience. Lastly, there are no other restaurants that offer a healthy, home cooked meal. With the large number of business people in the city of Chicago, people often struggle to find time to shop and prepare a meal for themselves or their families. The Gram’s Kitchen gives those an opportunity to avoid quick-serve restaurants and replace it with food that will be prepared from the heart of our chefs. III. CUSTOMER SEGMENTS A thorough process that was broken down by market segmentation determined the location of Gram’s Kitchen. A variety of locations were considered, but this location stood out from the rest and met the goals of Gram’s Kitchen. Morgan Schenk and Madison Zeller decided the location by researching the geographic, demographic and psychographic of the Chicago area. Our goal is to have a place available where all ethnicities can come together for a meal. Gram’s Kitchen will have a primary target market of people with an diverse ethnic background and couples. The secondary target market will be millenial business people. Demographic: Geographic: Psychographic: Who are the target customers? IV. UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION What is the single, clear, compelling message that states why your product/service is different and worth buying? Our slogan, “Where everyone feels at home” is the message we want to communicate to our target market and guests. The combination between having home cooked meals and grandmas in the kitchen preparing the dishes demonstrates why our products and services are worth buying. When people are in the city, everyone is looking for a place to go out to eat, and business people especially do not want to cook for themselves. Gram’s Kitchen is perfect for people in the city to go out and eat authentic, home cooked meals. It reaches the target market perfectly by allowing everyone with different backgrounds to “feel at home” while dining with us.   V. SOLUTION The main problem in the area that Gram’s Kitchen is addressing is the lack of ethnically diverse dining options and no opportunity for a home-cooked meal. By opening Gram’s Kitchen, we are addressing this problem and more. The top three features of our service are we offer are a solution to the need of this type of restaurant, personalized meals with a story, and an environment that feels welcoming and family-friendly. Our restaurant is going to be the perfect location to bring different races and ethnicities together. This area needs a place where people with all different types of backgrounds can enjoy their dining experience for a night out with friends, family or significant other. It is the perfect place to try a new, homemade meal with your loved ones. Every meal will have a different origin as the grandmothers are also gathering from different parts of world. The dishes will be prepared with the stories of their favorite dish they ate growing up or a dish cooked around the holidays in their culture; the server can share these stories to enhance the connection between the guest, meal, and cook. The connection will start as soon as the guest walks through the door. The environment created will attract our target market and keep them returning. They will feel like they are welcomed into our business when we give them great customer service, interesting stories, home cooked meals, and an overall forgettable experience. VI. CHANNELS In order to get our business started and prepared for growth, we will need a strong pathway to customers. We plan to use local promotion to develop a strong pathway between our business and the customers in the community. In the chart below, we have created a plan to spread the word of our business opening in fall and continue to build a brand continuing in the winter months. We want to create awareness and interest through promotion.  Our focus within the plan will be sales promotion and social media. Sales promotion is necessary to have different deals that will attract new customers and keep older customers coming back. By advertising on social media, we will be able to reach our target market very effectively. Twitter and Instagram will attract business people, people in the community, and the millennial generation. The displays on social media will be informative, persuasive, and entertaining, so we can gain a good reputation within the community. We will In addition, word of mouth will be an important for aspect of our opening. Our environment and unique features will encourage our guests to share their dining experience with others. Promotional PlanFall OpeningWinter Sales Promotion$4.99 drink specials on Thursdays to go along with our Indian dishesWhen purchasing a $50 gift card, get another $10 bonus card, perfect for the holidays. Direct MarketingDirect mail to our target market highlighting our openingEmails explaining our services and upcoming promotionsAdvertisingCreate Twitter, and Instagram to advertise the opening.Instagram and Twitter  postings of pictures the dishes and grandmas.Personal SalesHire people to inform guests at local hotels about the opening by handing out flyers and answering questionsServers inform their guests of current and upcoming specialsPublic RelationsPress Release to newspapers about opening.Online press release on booming success of openingVII. REVENUE STREAMS What is the revenue model and what are the lifetime values? Typical Month:Mon-CloseTuesMexicanWedsChineseThurIndianFridayItalianSatFamily BowlsSunFamily BowlsWeek 1$0300030003000500060004000Week 2$0300030003000500060004000Week 3$0300030003000500060004000Week 4$0300030003000500060004000Week 5$0300030003000500060004000Mexican:DrinksMicheladaA Mexican cocktail made with beer, lime juice and tomato juice or clamatoMargarita Reposado Tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, and a lime wedge as a garnishAgua Fresca Non-alcoholic drink that everyone can enjoy as a refresher, a sweetened fruit drink Horchata Made from the jicaro seeds ground with rice and spices such as ground cocoa, cinnamon, sesame seeds, and vanilla DishesDesert Caramel Flan Creamy custard pastry with a caramel twist Chinese:Drinksqing dou beerTeaDishesDesert Indian:DrinksSugarcane Juice Liquid sap of the sugar cane plant with mildly sweet tasteFeni A spirit alcohol from India that has a fruity taste and smell, but also has a sharp aftertasteLassi A blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit to create a savoury drinkDishesTelangana Chicken Curry Chicken cooked with curry leaves, black peppercorn, and coconutParsi Kheema Per Eeda Parsi spiced minced lamb topped with fried runny eggsBengali Dimer Dalna (Vegetarian) Egg and potato curry with tomato, cumin, chilli & turmericDesert Berry Bhapa Doi Bengali steamed yogurt with cardamom and strawberry pureeItalian:DrinksNegroli Campari with gin and sweet vermouth and is served with a twist of orange peel, has a bitter flavor and known for its dark red colorBarbera d’Asti Light-bodied wine with a high acidity giving it a ‘juice’ tastePeroni Light italian beerItalian hot chocolate Thick hot chocolate that isn’t too sweetDishesFarro Pappardelle with mushroom bolognese Farro noodles with a light tomato sauce and chopped mushroomsSeafood StewWine tomato broth with squid, mussels, clams, and shrimp with fresh parsley, lemon peel, and garlic as a garnishFarro Zucchini Cakes (Vegetarian) Shredded zucchini, breadcrumbs, green onions, and whole wheat farro served with a red pepper sauceDesert Zuppa Inglese Alternating layers of the cookies or sponge cake and pastry cream; then finished with a layer of meringue, sliced almonds, or shaved chocolate.Family Bowls: We are taking the most popular meals and putting them into family “bowls” $23 per semester. Bowls include the main meals from two types of our most popular dishes. VIII. COST STRUCTURE What are the customer acquisition costs, distribution costs, human resources costs and other additional costs? IX. DETAILED FINANCIALS A. Projected income and expenses 1. Projected income statements by month for the first year’s operation (sales, expenses, profit loss) TotalRevenueFood SalesGross ProfitExpensesFood ExpensesAdvertising Community ServiceInsurance(liability and property)Legal and AccountingMaintenance Employee Payroll$10 per grandma plus tips ServersPayroll TaxesLoanSalaryManagersSalary Tax Sales TaxesSuppliesUtilitiesMiscellaneousTotal ExpensesOperating ProfitNet Profit2. Projected cash flow by month for the first year’s operationJanFebMarApriMayJuneTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayTotalRevenueJuly AugSpeOctNovDecMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdayTotalRevenue 3. Projected balance sheet, end of first year Balance Sheet Year OneAssetsLiabilitiesStockholders EquityLiabilities Equity4. Projected three-year plan Three year planYear OneYear Two(10% increase)Year Three(15% increase)RevenueGross ProfitExpensesAdvertising Community ServiceInsuranceLegal and accountingMaitainencePayroll Payroll taxesLoanSalarySalary TaxSales TaxSuppliesUtilitiesMiscellaneousTotal ExpensesNet Profit5. A brief narrative description of the planned growth of the proposed business, including financial resources and needs Start Up CostsFirst Months Rent$3,750First Month Utility-including internet and phone services$2,500Restaurant tables and furniture $40,000Tableware, utensils, dishes, kitchen, and bar equipment $80,000Initial supply of food and beverage $8,000Total Start Up $134,250B. Proposed plan to meet capital needs 1. Personal and internal sources 2. Earnings, short-term and long-term borrowing, long-term equity 3. External sources 4. Repayment plans LoanTotal LoanDown Payment Amount of money being loanedMonthly Payment5. Plan to repay borrowed funds or provide return on investment to equity funds X. KEY METRICS Sales revenue: Sales revenue needs to be watched closely because we need to correlate our sales to advertising campaigns, price changes, seasonal forces, competitive actions, and production costs. In addition, we must watch and measure our return on investment asset turnover ratio in order to make sure we are where we need to be. We can use these numbers to compare with other companies and find trends. To find our measure sales revenue, we take our income from customer purchases of goods and services, minus the cost associated with things. Customer loyalty: We are going to be measuring customer loyalty because we know it is a key component for success. If we are able to attract the right customer, we can get them to come again and bring even more people to our course as they spread the word and this is how we will build our loyalty within the community. In order to measure satisfaction, we will conduct customer surveys, have direct feedback after their meals, and complete purchase analysis. We will do these regularly to explore patterns and produce solid conclusions. According to Fred Reichheld and other experts, a 5% improvement in customer retention will yield between a 20 to 100% increase in profits across a wide range of industries (Zwilling, 2011).Cost of customer acquisition: The cost of customer acquisition is simply the cost of acquiring a new customer found by dividing total acquisition expenses by total new customers over a given period. We hope that overtime the cost of acquisition goes down as growth and your brand image goes up through marketing and sales. Because promotional is a key role in our plan, we need this to determine whether your marketing and advertising investments are paying for themselves. Monthly profit or loss: We have created a projected monthly profit; however, we need to measure to see how accurate we were. Profit is important in the first year of business as we develop or strengths and weaknesses. By measuring our profit, we will be guided in the right direction to obtain maximize growth. XI. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE The Gram’s Kitchen major competitive advantage is the uniqueness of our service. There are a variety of places to eat in Chicago; however, Gram’s Kitchen offers something that no other business has. All the food we serve will be prepared by a man or women who is from another country giving every dish a story. This will be beneficial for the grandma’s cooking who get to share their family recipes for other people to enjoy, and our guests will get the opportunity to come to Gram’s Kitchen for a home cooked meal. These qualities cannot be copied which will ultimately lead to success. On top of our services, no other business will have the welcoming, worldly atmosphere we are going to create. The front dining room of our restaurant will represent the culture of Mexican, Chinese, Indian, and Italian through art, music, lighting, and service with an urban appeal. By incorporating all of these countries into our restaurant, it will keep our guests interested in what we are offering, and it will keep them coming back as we offer variation in food origin and energy from night to night.   

Families family usually go to private schools

Families in Vietnam are usually 3-4 people per household in urban areas (Vietnam: Family). As for diet, white rice is typically an everyday meal for every family in the country (Vietnam: Family). Fish sauce is commonly used as a dip or seasoning to accommodate each meal (Vietnam: Family). Meals include rice, a salty dish, vegetables, soup, and end with fruits (Vietnam: Diet). School days are from Monday-Saturday excluding tutoring outside of school (Vietnam: Education). Every kid in Vietnam goes to primary school and attendance decreases as the grades go up from Middle school to High school, because parents do not have enough money to pay for books, uniforms, tutoring, and etc. (Vietnam: Education). Public schools are offered, but kids from wealthy family usually go to private schools where conditions are much better, for example, less homework is given and technology is present (Vietnam: Education). Many cities have clinics but they lack modern medicine or equipment (Vietnam: Education). Many citizens grow herbs to make medicine as natural medicine play an important part of their culture (Vietnam: Education). Flooding has put many at risk of polluted groundwater, malnutrition, and malaria. With the poor health care, the country has a high number of people with  HIV/AIDS (Vietnam: Education). People in urban areas usually get their food in supermarkets in their city, and kids usually get snacks at local convenience stores in almost every neighborhood (Employment Outlook). Around 2.36% of Vietnam is unemployed, the other percent works in manufacturing, pharmacist, advertising, retail, and etc. The average minimum wage for one person is around $106 per month (Employment Outlook). The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a communist state. On the Index of Economic Freedom Vietnam only score %52.4 out of 100 on how free the country is. With an economic risk, payment problems are becoming a thing in the country, because of this the pay for its citizens is not at a high rate. (Vietnam: Government)Fifty-five million out of Vietnam’s 85 million people suffer from intestinal worms, resulting in weight loss and malnutrition in bodies. Through the effects, it can lead up to absences from work and school (Hays, Disease in Vietnam). Making the employment and literacy rate drastically go down. Vietnam makes top 20 in countries with the most Tuberculosis case, ranking at number 12 (Living in Vietnam). Tuberculosis cases take 70 lives each day (Living in Vietnam). More than 60% of the population live in rural areas. The ‘Blue ear disease” found in pigs affects the population greatly as there will be no pigs for food, nor will the farmers have the strength to farm for the country with diseases floating around (Living in Vietnam). These common diseases in Vietnam, much like the flu in the United States, force people to go get cured, that takes time off work and school that affects the literacy rate, GDP, etc. (Diep, Three Ways Bacteria and Viruses Affect Society and the Economy.). Although the conditions are getting better, the lack of improvements in the technology can still hinder the positives (Healthcare). All the diseases can decrease the population growth drastically; it can affect the fertility of women and can also be passed down from generations to generations of offspring (Why Population Matters to Infectious Diseases and HIV/AIDS).  Resolving the conflict can help Vietnam in many ways. With the disease rate low, it increases food with more people being able to grow food or raise livestock. The animals, whether they use it for food or transportation will be able to stay healthy with barely any disease laying around. Decrease the amount of low-quality food and healthier livestock for everyday use. When fewer people are affected by diseases they don’t have to take time out of their work to get checked. Healthier bodies can focus more on work making their income increase. As incomes increases, parents can provide proper education for their children. Higher literacy rates have helped the future of the country since young people, being the face of their country in the next 2-4 decades. When disease rates go down adaptation starts to take over and lessen the possibility of it being transferred to offsprings.Nevertheless, there are many problems that can affect the major problem more. More than 20.7% of Vietnam is in poverty (Vietnam Today: Problems and Issues). While many are in poverty, they can have problems providing proper health care and hygienic food. Unhygienic food can lead to many diseases like Hepatitis A, E.coli, Etc. (Diseases Transmitted by Food & Water – Foodborne & Waterborne Illnesses). Not being able to provide proper health care can also be a huge problem. Another big problem is Pollution in Vietnam. With pollution they breathe in it can cause many health problems as well such as heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, etc. (Diseases Transmitted by Food & Water – Foodborne & Waterborne Illnesses). Animals breathing in the polluted air can cause them to have diseases as well, which can transfer to human, or if as a food it can pass through our system causing sickness. As stated before many of the people in Vietnam use herbs to cure sickness or homemade remedies for many problems they encounter. With pollution, those herbs can be infected and what they thought that would cure themselves can harm them majorly. There are many ways we can help make a good impact on this country. First and foremost we should raise awareness. With awareness, we can get things done quicker, and if a lot of people know what’s going on it will give us a higher chance of getting the most out of our efforts of making the country a better place. We can gather volunteers who want to make a difference to come over to Vietnam and give vaccinations, health knowledge, current medicines. To get as many volunteers as possible we can start a program that offers scholarships to students that are able to help. Most drones today are used for personal gains such as filmmaking or just plain fun, but if we can put the drones to good use it can be very beneficial. As they come up with more models of drones, we can use them to deliver medicine, food, and other needs in the daily life. This can very well benefit many lives in Vietnam. Lack of technology in the country is also a part of this major problem if we can get any technicians to help modernize the technology in the underdeveloped country it will, of course, boost our chances of improvements.  Having professors that majors in these components to come and help with education will be the start of something great. They can come and educate about diseases, how to deal with them and give tips to the doctors in Vietnam. We live in the same world and the best way to live in peace is to help others because if one part of the planet dies it slowly spreads until it dies as a whole.Getting the plan to work starts off with cooperating with other big companies that can get the job done. Today’s generation spends most of their time on social media. By raising awareness with the biggest social media companies like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Raising awareness won’t take much time at all. Most villagers have television or some form of contact. Many people living in urban areas most likely have access to social media. From experience, almost all the urban population still keeps in touch with family in the rural area. News can still pass quickly through these connections.With the awareness, we can get volunteers from colleges or professionals to complete the jobs needed, as stated before. Before we get volunteers, we should partner with colleges to be able to hand out scholarships to those who help. Moving to technology the company that is focused most on drones is Amazon. If we can cooperate with Amazon, the use of drones can be more possible. Amazon is already working on drones that deliver goods to homes, we can use the same idea but to transfer medication or any other necessary needs. Amazon will most likely accept our offer since it will also give them advertisement to their company. With the social media, it will also bring in technicians. Technicians can come from anywhere. Colleges, Tech companies, high school students, or professionals themselves. Although we need contributions from high-end countries, we can also add the support within the borders as well. In urban areas, the people can always donate food, clothes, or even money for the less fortunate. Nevertheless, highly educated people can also inform uneducated people of similar things that were mentioned in this paper. Word within a village can spread easier, so raising awareness to just one person can spread from town to city, and more on. In rural areas where most of the people below poverty are, they need to participate and be eager to learn or accept the given help. For example, trying their hardest to learn new forms of medication or technology. Learning how to use money wisely, or save food and water. Together, with everyone working together, we can make Vietnam a better country with many improvements, not only will our actions help one country but will inspire others to help a mass number of countries.

Orwell’s describes the perfect human society, this


Orwell’s 1984 novel,
portrays the defects of a ‘perfect human society’, based on a negative utopian
or dystopian genre. 1984 remains one of the most powerful warnings and
pre-mediated uprisings, ever issued against the dangers of a totalitarian
society. Orwell has witnessed the dangers of absolute political authority in
the age of an advanced society. Orwell had witnessed the dangers of absolute
political authority in the age of an advanced society. Theorist Guy Debord,
studies how humanity deviates itself from a society that is rational to a
society that ‘turns the material life of everyone into a universe of
speculation’ thesis 19 (Debord, G. and Knabb, K. (1994). Unlike every
conventional utopian novel that best describes the perfect human society, this
does the exact opposite; to convince readers to avoid any path that may lead
towards such social degradation. In opposition Orwell’s vision of a post-atomic
dictatorship, was to be monitored ceaselessly by the telescreen. This in
retrospect puts humanity in threat, foreshadowing the dawn of the nuclear age
and the fixtures of televisions in family homes this proposition would so forth
incline to a knowledge based economy. Orwell has postulated such a society mere
thirty-five years into a future 

Throughout had similar ideals that there was

Throughout the late nineteenth to mid twentieth century there was a pot of thoughts and beliefs brewing mostly in the Europe. These thoughts were unlike others we’ve seen before, these existential thoughts were driven by many philosophers, two of which are very similar in their beliefs.Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus were two existential philosophers from Europe in the early to mid-nineteenth century. Camus and Sartre were very similar in their beliefs of Religion, Reason, Predestination, and Violence. Camus and Sartre were also both very high regarded existentialists and had other philosophers build off of their pieces of work. Both being authors that arose through both of the World Wars had similar ideals that there was no such thing as a living God, or any supernatural figure. Humans were responsible for their own actions as well as realizing that once you hit death, there is nothing to be done after that. There is no afterlife according to these two philosophers. The two also believed that, as far as reason goes, the world is unreasonable and that you are responsible for creating your own path, and that whatever you decide is what you end up doing. With the two philosophers rising and writing through the World War era, they both believed that society was based off of violence and that society would not be able to thrive unless there was some sort of violence. Both didn’t favor violence, they just accepted the fact that oppositions would always rule and that violence is always the answer to most of the worlds questions. The one thing that the two master philosophers did not agree on, like most humans, was politics. Sartre went in and out of communist and socialist parties and believed in them for most of his adult life, living in Germany and France. Sartre wanted to believe in economic freedom of an individual but accepted the fact that the oppositions would carry the power, and back the socialist and communist fronts that were heading in the 1930s and 1940s. Camus on the other hand accepted the fact that revolutions would be impossible and didn’t want the economic freedom of the individual because it was unnecessary to believe in something that wasn’t going to happen. Camus was very focused on what was reasonable to the world, and didn’t bother wasting his time on what was unreasonable or far-fetched.

En desde una perspectiva tanto cuantitativa como

En este ensayo les
hablare de estrategias de proceso para tener una mejor organización y
transformación en el producto. Cada estrategias se  puedes utilizar para las mejoras de la
producción, y que ventajas y desventajas conlleva cada estrategias.

            En términos simples un proceso productivo consiste en una
parte de una organización que toma insumos y los transforma en productos. Por
cierto se espera que el valor de dichos productos sea mayor en comparación al
valor de los insumos originales. En nuestro sitio en la categoría de Procesos,
hemos dedicado un importante número de artículos que abordan el estudio de
estos procesos de transformación desde una perspectiva tanto cuantitativa como

            Posiblemente encontraras dentro de una compañía varias
estrategias aplicadas de forma simultánea. Luego, las estrategias de procesos
se clasifican básicamente en Orientada al proceso en  distintos departamentos que se organizan por
proceso, agrupando aquellos que son similares. Se caracterizan por un volumen
de producción relativamente bajo, pero son flexibles para ofrecer gran variedad
de productos. Esta clasificación tiene sus ventajas y desventajas. También está
la estrategia de enfoque Repetitivo se organiza como una línea de producción.
Es donde el producto pasa por diferentes estacones para hacerle distintas
mejoras hasta llegar al empaque del producto. Y 
la estrategia Orientada se enfoca en 
producción organizada por producto. Se caracteriza por que opera las 24
horas del día  para evitar cierres y
costos de arranque, esta estrategia tiene también sus ventajas y desventajas.

             Las principales
características de los enfoques de procesos presentados se pueden consolidar a
modo de resumen en una tabla, lo cual facilita el análisis comparativo, tales
como enfoque al proceso, enfoque repetitivo y enfoque al producto. En este
mismo se puede construir una Matriz de Proceso que en unas coordenadas que
representa volúmenes de producción y variedad de productos, ayuda a identificar
distintas estrategias.

            En conclusión las estrategias bien utilizadas  son grandes ventajas para tu negocio. Cada estrategia
se caracteriza por su forma de ejecutar. Un buen administrador debe saber qué
tipo de estrategia deberá escoger  en su compañía,
para poder tener  un buen beneficio de la
misma. Depende  del producto, será la
estrategia que utilizaras. La organización es importante en todo lo que te
propongas. Saber cómo utilizar estas estrategias podrás tener el control de la
calidad y cantidad del productos.















Desventajas y Ventajas del FODA

Alex still struggled, oh so desperately, to

Alex Simmons – a nationally-ranked figure skater – devoted 11 years, 3,366 days, and 20,196 to the constant strive for perfection. Somehow, only seven minutes and thirty seconds defined his level of confidence and superiority.


            Growing up, Alex was consistently asked if he was going to the Olympics or if he could do those “spinny, twirly” things on the ice. Nodding along towards people’s vagueness, Alex never quite knew what an adequate response was. Chuckling to cover up his insecurity, Alex then answered, “Possibly.” While the likelihood of Alex someday qualifying for the Olympics was high, he still struggled, oh so desperately, to find the underlying confidence in his own ability. Strangely, the belief system he appeared to carry was thoroughly inexistent, even after he secured his first national medal. That moment in time, Alex carries with honor, for it was when he first defeated the absolute presence of his most powerful inner demon – doubt.


Alex found himself ranked 7th after the qualifying round at the U.S. Junior Championships, with less than one point from the medal podium. When entering the free skate program, his body was quickly overcome with fear, feeling as if he were about to enter the lion’s den. Once his name was announced, Alex skated to center ice. Portraying the romantically notorious Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, he crossed his right foot over his left skate, tucked his worried hands into his tailored tuxedo pants’ pockets, and smiled at the judges, all while showing off his vibrant white dinner jacket. Upon landing his opening jump combination, Alex instantly cast out his inner demons. Using the power of his mental “posi-creature” – an animal with a positive spirit used to ward off negative spirits – Alex quickly sent his mind into a state of pure paralysis. As he skated into his last jump – the most difficult of the program – he choreographically performed a formal adjustment of his black bowtie. Alex glanced at his competitor’s parents sitting anxiously in the audience as he took off for the jump, soon landing it with ease. As he finished the program, Alex put his hands, now relaxed, back into his pants’ pockets and gracefully struck his ending pose, forever holding his posi-creature – a silver Stallion – in his eternal presence.


            In an attempt to further defeat his inner demons, Alex stumbled into a secret terminal at JFK Airport. Boarding the “Dreamin’ Express” to the “Ice School of Singles Figure Skating” in Carpathia – a faraway country unknown to most – Alex left his family behind and forgot that he would endure perhaps the most pivotal struggle of his emerging adulthood.


Upon arrival, Alex traveled to the “magical” institution in a vehicle stained with the colors blue, yellow, black, green, and red – the colors of the Olympic rings. This prompted him to wonder if those colors were any indication of what’s to come. There, his stomach immediately sank in seeing such a high caliber of figure skaters at the school, including National, World, and Olympic competitors. However, one woman caught Alex’s eye. It was the head coach, Anastasia Goldweather. Like her name, her students were incredibly successful, winning gold medals left and right in all disciplines; and when seeing her coaching style, Alex realized how she came to be one of the greatest coaches in the world. Her character was stern and strict, but she appeared to have a heart full of gold. She, as did Alex’s journey here, helped grow him into a person stronger than ever before. It was at this very school that Alex was bewitched with the superpower of invincibility and reminded to always push the envelope, because life holds no boundaries for those who seek boldness. However, Alex strangely continued to question his place in this skating kingdom, becoming hesitant of his potential to conquer his personal army of negativity – the Dark. Many moments later, however, Alex paused to glance at his national medal hanging from his shelf. Reminiscing, Alex beamed with great pride, as from that moment onward – after 11 years, 3,366 days, and 20,196 hours – he finally believed, with the almighty power of his posi-creature, he was surely destined for greatness.



Two years later, Alex Simmons narrowly missed the Olympic team, showcasing that greatness might not always be achieved when you truly believe in yourself.


??????WUHAN in the study. Unlike other academic

 ??????WUHAN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY                  Wuhan, 430070, Hubei, P. R. China   ??.?? Tel (027) ??:                                                                                                 Letter of Recommendation Dear Sir or Madam, I am honored to recommend one of my intelligent students, Mr. Rui Zuo, for the acceptance into your graduate program. I will feel very happy if my introduction of him is able to assist your university in the assessment of his Master’s program application. I came to know Mr. Zuo in 2006 when he took my course “Modern Design Technology”. During the course, he proved to be industrious and conscientious in the study. Unlike other academic subjects, some concepts in my course were very obscure to understand for most students. However, Mr. Zuo could grasp difficult concepts quickly and correctly, and then applied them in the practical case study well. I was deeply impressed that he was motivated by an earnest craving for knowledge, not the desire to stand himself out in terms of marks. As his lecturer, I appreciated Mr. Zuo’s insistence on understanding things and making his point. For every problem in the lectures or projects, he discussed with me in details and never give up until figuring out the source of defects. Even facing the theoretical authorities, he was not a copycat. Instead, he was good at putting forward his own views. Arduous efforts brought him satisfactory result; Mr. Zuo got A in the final exam, which was among the top two in the class. (??????????????self-learning, quick learning???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)  In 2007, Mr. Zuo fully demonstrated his extraordinary talent while he enrolled in my courses of “Experiment of CAD/CAM & NC Machining Technology” and “Numerical Control Technology”, where the theoretical studies and practical applications took up the same proportions. Hence, I had more opportunities to closely witness Mr. Zuo’s excellence. He discussed his thoughts with me and eventually completed the experimental devices on his own. From my observation, Mr. Zuo had a good command of a wide range of knowledge such as the deep understanding of CAD/CAM, CNC programming code and the numerical control as well as the strong experiment ability. Owing to his spontaneous intellectual capacity and persistent efforts, Mr. Zuo got high scores as I expected.  Except the independent working, Mr. Zuo is also a good team player. As the leader in several group projects, Mr. Zuo helped his group fulfill tasks early with high quality. I once organized a presentation competition in my class for groups that wanted to get a bonus mark. On behalf of the whole team, Mr. Zuo chose a challenging topic and interpreted the complicated concepts with supporting materials and experimental data, along with his own experience to make his presentation attractive and easy to follow. The cooperativeness and sense of responsibility exhibited convinced me that he had prepared well enough for being a successful engineer in the future.  Mr. Zuo is an all-round student. No matter in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics or other subjects, his strong abilities in innovation, thinking and self-management always distinguished himself, making him reach the top place. I have heard that he was awarded the Sinoma Scholarship due to his outstanding academic performance (top 3% in the faculty)  It is also worth mentioning that Mr. Zuo has a facility for languages. Initially, I did not take it seriously when he told me he was studying English and Japanese simultaneously and able to communicate with foreign professors. Along with the deepening of our relationship, I noticed that he read many academic journals and reference books written in English or Japanese smoothly during the experiments with the purpose for better understanding the tendency and development in the global mechanical engineering field. His strong language ability, as well as his genial, adaptive disposition, would definitely help his accustomed to a new surrounding in a short time without any barrier. All in all, a perceptive young man with blazing intelligence combined with diligence, Mr. Zuo deserves my first-rate evaluation. I recommend Mr. Zuo to you without reservation and I believe that he will produce outstanding work in your university as he did in ours. Your serious consideration of his application will be greatly appreciated.Yours Sincerely,    Wu Fei Associate Professor & Master Instructor  Department of Mechanical and Electrical EngineeringWuhan University of TechnologyE-mail: [email protected]: 86-15327378758