English Oral Essay

A dialogue between two friends about history Two friends entered their classroom and received their History test papers. Irissa : Sabrina! Look how much I scored for my History test. I’m sure you won’t believe it. Sabrina : Why? What did you get? Don’t tell me you got an egg again. Irissa : Nope. This time you are wrong. I’ve improved a lot! I got 25 marks and I’m very proud of myself. Are you happy for me? I’m sure you are, right? Sabrina : Wow. 25 is a lot to you! Just so you know, you’re the only one who failed History in the class. Anyway, I’m happy if you are.

Irissa : Yes, I know. Am I that bad? I have absolutely zero interest in History. Plus, our History teacher makes me want to sleep every single time she open her mouth. Please tell me why are you so interested in that b-o-r-i-n-g subject. Sabrina : No, you’re not that bad. Think of yourself as the best among the worst! I think History is a cool subject, except the teacher. I admire the warriors that fought for our country even though you and I know that they are not that good looking, handsome or even sexy like that K-pop guy, G-Dragon, Lee Min Ho or…

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Irissa : Hey babe, wake up! Let’s face the reality. History sucks. Can you imagine us memorising all those historical stuff with the dates, time and places. Oh, please! It’s so annoying. I can’t stand reading all those famous names and I only remember Dato’ Onn Ja’afar and that J. W. W Birch guy after 3 years of History reading. Sabrina : Three years of history reading and all you can remember are those two guys? What about the Oppa Gangnam Style dance? You learned that in a second! Don’t you think we should appreciate their contribution towards our country?

Like if you were in that time, would you risk your life for your country? I’d rather hide in a cave! Irissa : Alright, but I still think that History is just a pain in the ass. Unlike Additional Maths, it is so much better than History subject. I don’t want to study “his” story. Why not study mine instead! I have a lot of stories to tell like my love life, my oh-so-annoying brother or even my grandmother! Sabrina : I don’t think the examiner wants to know about your grandmother. Don’t forget that History is made as a compulsory subject by the government in SPM next year.

If you can’t get an A, you should at least pass. You memorise song lyrics so well that you can apply that memorising skill for your History too. Irissa : No way. History makes me like an old woman nagging and nagging about something that cannot be changed. Unlike the latest music from Girls’ Generation, it melts my heart. Sabrina : No. You shouldn’t think it that way. History is interesting and… Irissa : and dim-witted, right? Sabrina : No, silly! I think you have to start giving serious thought on the importance of History. Perhaps just for once, you should focus on History more than you did before.

Irissa : Okay. I will heed your advice this time. Can you help me out with History from now on? I really need a big helping hand. I mean, really big. Like, dinosaur big. Sabrina : Of course! But I don’t think my hands are that big. Like, dinosaur big. Okay. Imagine that you have a boyfriend, you will be dedicated to him, right? So let History be your ‘husband’ and problem is solved! You get what I mean? Irissa : You want me to get married? But I’m still young! Sabrina : No, you silly girl. I want you to be dedicated to History as you will be with your husband!

Love it to learn it! Irissa : Ohh. Okay, I get it. One thing, you sound like a grandmother to me now. Sabrina : I beg your pardon? Irissa : Nothing. I’ll try my very best to be better next time. Beware! I may beat your marks! Thank you for your advice, Sabrina. Sabrina : Well, that’s good for you! All the best if you can catch up with me. I’m an expert, you know. Irissa : I certainly will! Oh, and Gangnam Style is a cool dance, don’t forget Fantastic Baby too! Sabrina : *sigh*. You and your K-pop. I’ll see you later then! Goodbye, G-dragon fan.