English learning difficulties Essay

English language And I

As all of us know, English language has become the language of communication in business, economics, politics, science and technology. So, we see everybody want to learn English as a second or third language. There are learning difficulties facing a lot of international students focused on writing and reading skills, but these difficulties should be considered and to be taken as a motivation. I started learning English in school at grade 4, were learning English was basic and very easy because they taught us a few vocabulary with a few paragraphs but unfortunately that was not effective for learning English as I discovered later. As soon as I finished my school I joined the University, as first year students they placed an English Test called (PET Test) for us, if any student get less than band 4 in this test, there were an Intensive English course to be given. In my case I couldn’t pass and I got band 1, which I couldn’t take any subject for the first semester at University until I pass the English test (PET Test) and get at least band 3. At that time I discover that the English I had at school was not efficient.

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So, they gave me an English course for about four months. That course was my beginning to study the real English at the University, at that time I faced many difficulties, one of them was learning the academic English especially the writing. Four months later, the university placed a second PET exam for us, but this time I got band 3 and I started the second semester with four subjects. I remember my teacher when I came to her after I did the PET test, she said to me: “it’s impossible you passed the exam in very short time!!” It was a big shock for her because there were two students only who passed the Test From band1 to band 3 direct without taking band 2. Fourteen years later I decided to complete my masters in United Kingdom and before that I did an IELTS exam, were I got 5.5. I decided to apply to Cardiff University, they accepted me but with a conditional offer which was to take eight weeks pre-sessional course, after that, three months later, I sent them an e-mail to know the start date of the course, I discovered that they Changed the course length to be six months instead of eight weeks!!. Again another difficulty came. Directly I decided to apply at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

A few days later I received a warm welcome when they accepted me to study a master in MBA but I should take a presessional course for six weeks as a conditional offer. I was very happy to receive this offer. As I heard Cardiffmet welcoming the International students more than any University. In conclusion, English language is a global language especially if you are working in sectors involving international dealings and business, which means there must be an intensive English for international students who are willing to complete his/her study in English not just a normal classes and normal assignments especially when we didn’t have sufficient implementation to English like the conversation either in classroom or outside. From other side I see that the university or the institute should try harder with international students by encouraging them to speak and to write as much as they can.