Employment Responsibilities and Rights In Health and Social care 2013 Essay

Employment Responsibilities and Rights.

Task A.

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A1) Health and Safety Executive, The Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service and Gov.uk.

A2) Health and safety, hours worked and minimum wage.

B) Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, Equality Act 2010 and Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

A3) So that employers and employees are protected and not taken advantage and also for health and safety to themselves and others around them.

Task B.

B1) I am employed as a Care Assistant and my duties and responsibilities may vary. My start of employment was the 29th of january 2012 my employment is not fixed term, my contract of employment is terminable by written notice of 2 weeks by the company and to the company. I am contracted to work 40hrs a week any more then that will be classed as overtime. I am paid by salary and payments will be made straight to my chosen bank account. I am entitled to 28 days of holiday the company’s holiday year start from the the 1st of january till the 31st of december and I’m required to take 50% of my entitlement by the end of june. If I’m off work because of sickness or injury I will only be paid statutory sick pay, reporting sickness absence I must inform a manager at the earliest opportunity.

The company has a no smoking policy. Compassionate leave and family emergencies it will be considered but there is no contractual entitlement. Health and safety at work I must take reasonable care to avoid injury to my self and others and cooperate with the health and safety at work legislation. the company will hold data about me for administering my employment and will not be shared with anyone else unless asked by law.

B2) The information that needs to be on my payslip is gross pay, variable deductions such as tax and National insurance, the amount of any fixed deductions such as union’s also the total amount you go home with after all deductions and also the amount and method for any part payment. Optional thing’s that my employer can put on my payslip are tax code, pay rate and national insurance number.

B3) The two changes of personal information that I should tell my employer are contact information and bank account details

B4) If you have any grievance it should be discussed with the manager who will try to attempt resolve the situation on an informal basis if this does not work then it maybe appropriate to have a formal meeting which the home will make in a fair and consistent manner. You will be asked to attend a grievance meeting then you will be given a notification of the outcome if you are unhappy with the outcome you may appeal against the grievance in which you will have to attend an appeal meeting.

B5) Data Protection – The Data Protection 1998 prescribes the way in which the home may collect, retain and handle personal data the home will comply with the requirements of The Data Protection Act 1998 and all the employees and contractors who handle personal in the course of their work must comply with it.

Grievance – please refer to B4.

Conflict Management – Report to either a senior member or manager if any conflict occurs in the home kind of similar to raising a grievance and either the senior or manager will discuss how to resolve the conflict.

Confidentiality – Staff at the home have information on residents affairs. It is a condition of employment that such information shall not be disclosed to any unauthorized third party without they express their consent of the resident or if unable to judge then the resident’s family or advocate.

Health and Safety – Staff must ensure that we follow the correct training provided

Whistleblowing – Staff are encouraged to bring to the attention of the home any practice or action of the home, employees or any other agents that you reasonably believe is against the public interest such as criminal offence, failure to comply with legal obligation and a danger to health and safety.

Anti Discriminatory Practice – Staff are to promote equality, value diversity,and respect the rights of the staff and the homes residents at all times.

B6) How my role contributes is to maintain residents daily living such as personal care activities, mobility and to promote independence as well as providing safe and secure home in which they feel protected and cared for.

B7) following best practice with in my role means that everything will be done safely and efficiently so the residents won’t be put in any danger which will make a better service and happier residents. Not carrying out my role correctly can put the residents health and safety at huge risk this will lower the service provided.

B8) My work must be influenced by the national factors as they give you guidance of the correct way of doing things they also give you standards so you can stick to them or try and make the standards better it is very important to be influenced by this as they set out the rules to follow and abide by also these must be followed at all times in my work role

B9) Care Quality Commission – Their role is to regulate all health and social care in england so they can provide people with safe reassurance they do this by inspecting the service and publishing the information they gathered, on their inspection this is to help make a better decision about the care you want to receive. Department of health – Their role is to develop standards, policies and guidelines to improve care and to meet patients expectations.

Task C

My Career Pathway
Step 1) Complete my health and social care apprenticeship level 2 so I can be a qualified care assistant. Step 2) Work 1 year just as a care assistant.
step 3) Start my health and social care advanced apprenticeship level 3. step 4) Then work as a senior care assistant for about 1 or 2 years Step 5) Attempt to do my higher national certificate in health and social care so that I could become substance misuse worker

Task D

Winterbourne is a highly publicised instance where the public have raised concerns about the care and treatment of its service users. BBC Panorama set up undercover filming after they was informed by an ex nurse, it revealed serious abuse such as verbal and physical to vulnerable people with learning disabilities it also came about that they had 5 safeguarding concerns before the filming took place.Views on why this happened was not the right training, poor management, relatives was not listened to and staff working long hours. Cases such as Winterbourne change the way the public view care environments as it can cause people to think that this could happen to themselves or their family or friend so this could make them think twice before going into a care home for the fear of them being abused.Changes what have affected the care services are more people are are choosing to stay in their own homes as they can get the care they want delivered to them rather than in a care home plus communication is a much more easier as we have internet and mobile phones and another factor is the availability of new drugs like donepezil which can help control alzheimers.