Employee satisfaction with IT services Essay

Employee satisfaction with IT services

Employee Satisfaction

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“Employee satisfaction is a measure of how happy workers are with their job and working environment.” (Jessica Ellis, 2008). Companies must keep morale high among workers. Empowered, energetic and enthusiastic workforce can be of great benefit to any company. Workers who are satisfied with their job will be more productive, take fewer holidays, and stay loyal to the company. There are many ways to access employee satisfaction. Most importantly the company should be concerned about its employees. It must develop policies which have the provision to cater for its employee needs and aspirations.

Methods to be used

There are many tools available that can be used to increase employee satisfaction. For instance surveys, face to face meetings, team building activities, raises and bonuses, provision of amenities, treatment of courtesy and interest, and most importantly “opportunities for advancement and career development.”(Nancy Cook,2004).

The methods required to enhance satisfaction can easily be used in an employee centric organization. In my organization I would make sure that on a regular basis the senior management talks in person to its employees and listen to their grievances and suggestions. Surveys that allow employees ro highlight problem areas would be conducted. People of different skills would be working in teams to synergize the work processes and training sessions to increase the potential of the workforce would be made a norm.


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