Employee Motivation Essay

Journal Entry #4 Arvind Ramanadham Effective Communication February 12, 2013 * records your thoughts and * experiences related to course topics * connect topics covered in the text and in class discussions with current and past events in your life. * relate concepts to work situations and * relate the concepts to your experiences in your class team When working in a team it is important to allow free thinking, listening to others completely and not cutting down others ideas. * We discussed in class that teams are better than individuals.

I agree with that statement. From my experience at work place I can definitely say that when more than one mind is working on a task it is more productive than a single person working on it. With many people handling a single project and doing the assigned work properly, the overall work speed increases and team can complete the project well within the given time frame. For brainstorming on issues at a workplace, it is important to involve people from different backgrounds to get different perspective on the issues.

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Teams create an environment of support, increasing the confidence of individuals, allowing people do their best. Teamwork can create talents and raise natural leaders. Employees tend to learn things at a faster rate, if they are working as a team. The experiences and knowledge of the experienced team members help you to grasp new concepts quickly. Teams members learn, their skills improve, and they become more valuable to the team and to the company. Working in a team has an advantage of the workload getting distributed among all the team members.

With work properly distributed, you can concentrate on a single task. When there is a problem in the progress we approach the team instead of a single person. The task is not dependent on one person and also team is aware of each other’s work so it becomes easier to complete a task even in absence of an individual. In a team, team members help each other, if one is weak, others can support or handle the work. Since a team works for a common goal, the more people work in synchronization together, creating positive eam environment, supporting each other. There is more communication and cooperation in working as a team. Teams can create better communication and respectful relationships among employees. When working in a team it is important to allow free thinking, listening to others completely and not cutting down others ideas. While working in a team you will never be alone, you will always have some or the other person to suggest you good things. Suggestions and advice can help you in generating new ideas and bring out the creativity in you.

When working in a team, members motivate each other. I feel employees have better satisfaction. This is because working in a team improves employee performance as well as makes the work enjoyable. This is also helpful in employee motivation. SO good teamwork in the workplace benefits the organization by increasing the productivity which is important to meet the targets and fulfill commitments. stages of team As discussed in class I do observe different stages of working in a team. In the forming Storming Norming In performing Adjourning. example