Eminem Eminem’s alter ego Slim Shady was

Eminem released a studio album called Marshall Mathers LP II in 2013. This entire album has been and will continue to be extremely influential dating back to the day it dropped. Many view him to be among the greatest rappers ever. He also influenced the genre as a whole being one of the first successful white rappers. Due to his fame and success, this album is inevitably going to be listened to for years. The reasons for this derive from Eminem himself, the album cover art and also the intriguing lyrics.      Eminem was born in Missouri with the name: Marshall Mathers III. He moved very often between Michigan and Missouri. He settled in Michigan as a teenager, the place where he discovered his talent. He started rap battles with one of his friends at high school for practice. The society in which he grew up was predominantly black and was not inclined to consider him a rapper. As he continued his work, he eventually proved that he was a legitimate rapper and joined some respectable rapper-groups. The most prestigious of the rap groups that Eminem was affiliated with was D-12. Following the release of his very first EP, Infinite, Eminem’s alter ego Slim Shady was born. He later would create the Slim Shady EP which opened many new and exciting doors for Eminem and kick started his career. He made a deal with the label: Interscope Records and met Andre Romel Young, his future ‘tour guide’ through music industry. He dropped an album called the Slim Shady lp in 1999 before dropping the Marshall Mathers lp in 2000. These two albums confirmed that he was among the most popular and important artists during that time.     Come 2013, Eminem had impressively proved himself to the world as a white rapper and still is  alongside the all time greats, period. The Marshall Mathers LP II made its mark in sales upon the release. It was at the top of the 200 list when it dropped, making the album his seventh top of the charts album in a row. It sold almost 800,000 copies in week one alone, making it one of the year’s best selling albums. The design on the second lp shows his run-down house as a teenager in Detroit, Michigan. He ties his present to the past by including his old house as a teenager in the cover just like he did in many of the songs on his album. Family issues and a violent childhood plagued his early life made him the person that he currently is. By immersing himself in a genre of music with mostly black people while being Caucasian, he had no choice but to prove himself to the world and to find his way into the rap-spotlight. His success took him a lot more effort than it took other rappers to come up because people viewed him as a joke. He needed every aspect of the album to be perfect, starting with the album art which symbolizes the beginning of his rap career through to the end of it. Furthermore, it shows how a person can have fame and success after being of low income. This is because he rhymed about growing up in harsh conditions and actually making something of himself. Eminem hit rock bottom, was struggling to live comfortably and was later able to obtain unimaginable success. The songs in his albums show this hypothesis.