Email customer, or colleague. The student should

                                                Email Assignment

An area that can be improved in the email is the
student style. Their choice of words was insulting and unnecessary. This style
of writing will not get the student any help with their grade or will it help
the professor understand their message making matters worse than what they are.
The student can improve his style is by choosing different words other than
unfair and demeaning and being for reasonably and considerate for his own

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            The writer tone is an area that needs
improvement in the email. Aside from individual word choice, the overall tone,
or attitude, of a piece of writing should be appropriate to the audience and
purpose. “Your tone can be unprofessionally sarcastic or diplomatically
agreeable (Kolin’s 12)”. The student tone sounds very unprofessionally
sarcastic, and their tone is unappropriated for the occasion. According to
Kolin’s tone is similar to style with the way you choose the words in your
writing. The student can improve the email by changing his tone, when
I read the email in my head I read it with an attitude because that the tone
the writer is giving off. Changing the tone of the email will help the student

            Another area the email can
be improved by (Make sure your email is confidential and ethical
Kolin’s 81) “Avoid flaming, that is using strong, angry language that
attack or insult your employer, a customer, or colleague. The student should understand
the rules of the student of conduct and know that you can’t talk to your
professor in any kind of matter.

            The last area the email can
be improved in is (Adopt a professional business style Kolin’s 82)
End politely. Let the readers know that you appreciate their help and look
forward to their reply. The student didn’t let the reader know in the last
sentence that he appreciates their help
and cooperation also could have done
a better job proofreading and spell-check before sending it. Ways of
fixing this are simple just thank the readers for your time at the end of the email
and proofreading it a couple times before sending it. After reading
chapter 1&3 I have learned the do and don’t to writing an email and will
now apply that to my everyday life.




 Dear, Professor Stoffer


I appreciate the
comments. I am trying my best in your course and find myself improving. With
this improvement, I would like to see my grade improve as well over the
semester. I will take any offer of extra credits, tutoring sessions, and any extra
help to improve my grade. I look forward to working with you throughout the
semesters, thank you for your time have a wonderful day.