Electroniz Calculator Essay

Some people believe that electronic calculators should not be allowed in school until after the pupils have mastered mental arithmetic. Others believe that calculators save pupils time, especially with complicated calculations. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Nowadays, people often use technological equipment in their everyday lives and during performing their jobs due to the fact that the usage of those equipment makes things easier in people’s life.

Some people disagrees with the usage of the electronic calculator by pupils until they have mastered mental arithmetic when others support the usage hence pupils would not spend lots of time on complicated calculations owing to electronic calculators. The recent researches conducted about the pupils’ mental arithmetic shows that students’ mental arithmetic today is lower than previous generations. The cause of this is investigated and thought to be their use of technological calculators.

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They handled two different pupil groups in terms of their usage of culculators in the case study. One group used the technological calculators when other group did not. As a result of making observations, it is seen that the usage of the calculators has a negative effect on the development of pupils’ mental arithmetic. On the other hand, in some cases, especially in complex calculations, students should be able to use technological calculators owing to save their time.

To illustrate, when they have to make calculations of pages long, calculators might come in useful for students in terms of saving time. Thus, they will reduce errors on the calculations. As a conclusion, usage of the technology is important in the world and it has brought facilities into our lives. However, use of the calculators has both good and bad impacts on students. If it is used correctly to save time by students, they will benefit from the calculators