Electric Zoo Festivel: New World Music Essay

Electric Zoo Response Paper Electric Zoo is a musical event that takes place once a year in New York. Arguably the biggest and best musical event in the country, over 100,00 people attended the event this year. This venue features the worlds Top DJs all in one arena performing one after the other. Featuring artists such as Tiesto, Skrillex, David Guetta, Steve Aoki and Sander Van Doorn, This event is mandatory to attend if you are a fan of EDM (electronic dance music). EDM has definitely grown popular in the past few years and provided the joy in life to millions of individuals worldwide.

Electronic dance music was created in the 1980s in Detroit by a man called ‘Frankie Knuckles”, who is also referred to as the ‘Godfather of house’. He went to clubs and made and played music of his his mixer and technic turntables. He would reconstruct sounds by combining two tracks together and adjusting the tempo and layering percussive beats. This was the birth of house music. Still awaiting for the genre to rise, years after EDM was made popular in New York City ;amp; London. Before you know it there were many created sub-genres for EDM and were frequently played in night clubs and concerts.

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Many Djs arose to become the best in the EDM business such as Tiesto, who averages $250,000 a show performing worldwide. This generation, EDM has become a phenomenon and rising rapidly in the market. Many music festivals were created centered around Electronic Dance Music. Electric Daisy, Tommorowland, Electro Beach, and Electric Zoo. Electric Zoo was held annually beginning in 2009. After it’s first festival, it became an instant hit. 25,000 people attend end Electric Zoo in 2009, and 110,000 people attended in 2012, with an increase of over quadruple the original attendance.

Electric Zoo 2012 had 4 different stages, with 67 different DJs performing in the span of three days. Tickets go for $350 for all three days, or $130 for one day. With merchandise such as shirts, glasses, LED lights selling for a high price, and overly priced water, the sales made at these events is remarkable. The music is being played off various huge speakers, completely surrounding the stage. With the music being played at a high volume, it effects and hits you hard. With the various remarkable lights changing and projecting through the stage, it adds an effect with the music that gives your body a rush.

The one thing that won’t stop at the event, is the dancing. The purpose of Electronic dance music is to, well, make you dance. The qualities of the songs just urge your body to move whether you want to or not. Besides the music effecting you physically, the mental factor is majorly effected due to the music. Everyone is care-free and extremely happy, you just can’t get into a fight here. Everyone is friendly and social at Electric Zoo. On top of the great lighting and great music, depending on the DJ, you might just need to Crowd surf a boat.

Djs such as Steve Aoki throw an inflatable boat into the crowd occupied by one person in the crowd. Then the crowd continues to carry on the boat until the end of the stage. Djs like Dada Life throw bananas and pour champagne on you throughout the show. With smokescreens, fireworks, thrown objects, crazy lighting, crazy crowds, and great music, there is no way you can’t have an amazing time at Electric Zoo. Electronic Dance Music deals with an aesthetic referred to Afro-futurism. Afro-futurism in terms of music deals with fantasy, magic realism and future.

When listening to certain types of EDM, you may close your eyes, dance, smile, and picture happy images and wanted future in your mind. Popular among these musical events, individuals use certain drugs to maximize the effects of the afro-futurism. Although dangerous and not recommended, expanding the limits of the mind and body will provide an amazing time at Electric Zoo. Electric Zoo is an event that everyone should try at least once. It is an amazing new experience that doesn’t happen very often.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of EDM music a few years ago, and once I attended one of these events, my musical taste changed. I got to see my favorite Djs, meet new people, and have an amazing time that I will remember for the rest of my life. With the attendance rapidly rising every year I hope next year 200,000 people will come and share the love. EDM is quickly spreading and winning the hearts of millions worldwide. From listening to your favorite DJ to crowd surfing an inflatable boat, Electric Zoo is a venue to just have people join together and just have fun.