Effectiveness of Antony’s speech Essay

Effectiveness of Antony’s speech

            In terms of the issue, the Dominant issue of the Act III of Antony’s Speech is about the sacrifice or murder of Caesar. The death and the aftermath of such incident have dominated most of the scenes of Act III.  Based on how Marc Antony had delivered the speech, it can be perceived that Act III was effective. The speech can be noted as one of the most powerful displays of oratory with pure of emotion.  He was able to influence the mind of the people to think of Caesar as a true democrat. The speech has able to easily turn the crown against Brutus from being honorable and Antony was able to change the image of Caesar as a non-ambitious individuals and an honorable man.  What makes the speech more effective is through the use of the combination of repetition, verbal irony. Imagery rhetorical devices and connotation while making it more appealing to the pathos emotions.

            In this speech, the rhetorical device has become the central device all over Antony’s persuasive argument was the use of verbal irony. The consideration of verbal irony in this speech has so much strength which it bounds on mockery.  Antony has able to address the plebeians to be his friends with the aim of persuading each of the people into believing that they were on the same level and that he just wanted to say goodbye to Caesar.

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            Logos, pathos, and ethos are the three persuasion instruments utilised in the speech of Marc Antony. The appeal of ethos can be based on the personality of Antony, while logos can be based on his purpose and reason and the Pathos is in line with the emotions. These speech has been used to convey the main objective of the speech The use of these elements were considered to turn the Roman crowd to stand against Brutus. Such persuasion instruments as well as structure and the diction of the speech are the key factors of the effectiveness and efficiency of such speech, specifically in most of the scenes in Act III.

            The most efficient and effective use of ethos in this were immediately shown in the first lines of the speech. He constantly utilizes the rhetorical irony to question the ethos of the conspirator. On one hand, the logos can be facts which have been utilised to persuade the people and with this speech, Antony has been able to use various facts. One of these is in the line, when he said how sympathetic Caesar as when the poor is crying Caesar hath wept. The use of this is seen to be logical because most of the crowds that he is attempting to convince are not rich. In ethos, the speech has shown deep emotions and has shown how Antony has been able to make the speech more passionate to move people. Antony has also able to take hold of each phrase and word used and through the manner how these words were uttered during the speech. He has done in effectively to pathetically convince the people to believe that Caesar should not be murdered. In the end of such emotional oration, it can be said that Antony has effectively accomplished his main intentions of turning the crowd against Brutus.


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