Education Yearly, student population increases which added

is an important tool in order for us to succeed. Because of education, we have
advancement in technology. Nowadays, employment is based on education.  Employees must be computer literate to perform
their tasks. Prospective employees must be equipped with skills needed by the

     The 1987 Constitutions states that “the
state shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education
at all levels and shall take appropriate action to make education accessible to
all.” The constitutional provision states that the school should find means in
order to make teaching computer application interesting to the students. Some students
encountered difficulties in learning concepts and practical applications of the
subject because of the techniques and strategies used by teacher.

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      Yearly, student population increases
which added difficulty for the teacher to introduce the lessons to the students
especially to those sitting at the back part of the room.

      In the developed countries, computers in
schools are used as Computer Assisted Instructional Material (CAIM). Computer
Assisted Instruction (CAI) is a process where the learner interacts with the
computer as a tool.  The use of computer
will allow students to learn and study at their own pace and will help them to develop
more logical thinking. The use of computer will help students to follow instructions
better and improve their reading and math skills.

      Computer Application 1 is one of the
subjects for first year college students that provides them practical
experiences  and develop skills in word
processing, working with worksheets and creating powerful presentation using
the three Application Software; Ms-Word, Ms-Excel and PowerPoint.

       This subject is considered as a very
important subject because of its wide range of application in school. If the
foundation of students in college is poor, the students are hard up in coping
up with application of concepts as they move to higher year. Teaching the
subject should produce good quality products. The use of computer assisted
instructional materials will help teachers to deliver the lessons to the
students in a way that students will surely understand the concepts and
practical applications of the subjects.

Theoretical Framework

      This study
is based on the theory of self activity of Meyer (1997). He stated that the
theory of self activity is the basis of all learning. He commented that “the
pupils or students learn by doing, experiencing and experimenting”. This
comment implies that a computer aided instructional material is needed to
strengthen learning of the students.

      Guided by the theory, the teacher should
translate information into format appropriate to the learner’s state of