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ecember Holidays Facts Internet Hunt by Cindy O’HoraDirections: Click the links (underlined colored words) to go to a site with the question’s answer. Use the History menu of your browser to return to this hunt page. PDF version. 1. What does the Grinch have in his smile? 2. Which President brought the first Christmas tree into the White House? Your Aunt Cindy is collecting the President ornaments from the White House. There is one for each president. How many ornaments does she have? What is the theme of this year’s White House Christmas tree?3. How did the Druids use mistletoe?  4. Holly trees and bushes are native to North America. List three reasons to plant native plants in your yard, at your school or in a local park.  5. What is a dreidel? 6. What did they feed the horse, when it wouldn’t eat latkes?  7. Name three ingredients used to make latkes. (Find a recipe online to answer the question.)  8. Mount Washington, N.H. has some of the worst weather around. Describe their weather today. (Hint: Consider the links. Which might give info on weather conditions?) 9. If the wind speed is 10 MPH and the temperature is -5 degrees Fahrenheit, what is the wind chill?  10. After a visit to Mt. Washington, N.H., some wassail is in order.What is the tradition of the wassail?  11. What are the chances you’ll have snow for Christmas?  12. What does Della sell to be able to buy a gift for her husband in O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi?You can listen to it being read – clicking here. What really is the gift both Della and Jim give each other? 13. Review Eight Gifts that Don’t Cost a Cent.a. I would like to give – b. Which of these gifts would you like to be given? Explain why it appeals to you.  14. What is the winter solstice?   15. The name Kwanzaa comes from what language? On which continent(s) do they celebrate the holiday? 16. What color are poinsettia flowers? Read carefully! 17. If you have a fireplace, perhaps you will burn a yule log. The unburned part is thoughtto protect a house from something. What is it? 18. Describe the Christmas Truce. 19. In December, you may hear about myrrh. What is myrrh? 20. How can people recycle a tree?  21. Watch Mathflix’s free video on Order of Operations or Khan Academy’s free video Introduction to Order of Operations.Now apply the principle that things must be done in a specific order, to a different situation.Create an “Order of Operations” process for giving a gift.  Extend your thinking – Mnemonic devices help you remember. My favorite mnemonic starts with Thirty days has December….Create a mnemonic for your gifting order of operations or something you are currently studying.  Challenges:* Suppose you wanted to write a poem about a holiday in December. How many English words rhyme with the word “holiday”? Go to Enter holiday in the blank box. Given your findings, how word you use the word in a rhyming poem? * The first SMS text message was sent twenty-five years ago on December 3rd 1992, when Neil Papworth sent a “Merry Christmas” to a mobile phone. Dig into the history of sending Christmas greetings. Which method do you prefer? Write a 3 paragraph essay explaining why you prefer it.* A Dickens of a Resumé project – Who would you hire?* December Math Activities* Listen to this remarkable December story from StoryCorps.* Think you know a lot about the story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens? Try this puzzle* Winter Song Photo Story Project* Calculate the cost of the Twelve Days of Christmas Holiday Extras:Enjoy – A very funny compilation of holiday songs done by Indiana University’s Capella Group @ TeacherTubeOnline crossword puzzle about December Holidays. or Explore December CivicsBest Treat of All online book | Stranger in the Woods – Children’s book ActivityA Wartime Favor Brings a Special Gift listen to this remarkable storyLearn more about How the Grinch Stole Christmas | Fashioning frameworks for festive cookiesScience Observations Skill Builders – do one that is winter relatedInfinite Pine Tree Activity at Mathflix Part 2 video or CSPAN Student Cam video contestInternet Hunts / Nature / Civics / Computers / Pennsylvania Projects / Puzzles & Projects / Problem Based Learning / Mrs. O’s HouseAll trademarks, copyright and logos belong to their respective owners.1999 Cindy O’Hora, FAQ Updated 11/2017 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License Save a tree – use a Digital Answer Sheet: Highlight the text of the questions on this web page, copy them – Edit .. Copy. Open a text document or word processing document. Paste the questions into the blank document. Answer the questions in the word processing document in a contrasting color ( not yellow) or font (avoid fancy fonts like: , Symbol,  or . Save frequently as you work. I do not like losing my work. You will not like it either. Put your name and the date in a header. Bad things happen. Retain a copy of your work on your computer. Submit your assignment via a class electronic drop box or email attachment.Proof your responses. It is funny how speling errors and typeos sneak in to the bets work.  Make Your Own Printed answer sheet.