Early Interventions Essay

Early intervention services are designed to ease the anxiety by providing resources’ and solutions to help parents. In addition, developmental delays can be helped through early intervention in the physical health, cognitive, communication, social/emotional skills. Young children develop at faster rate during the first five years which during the years their brains are open and ready to learn. Only through early identification and appropriate programming can children develop their highest potential.

When a child does not get early intervention- they can be at risk with learning skills later in life. Early intervention services will increase the child’s developmental and educational gains, increasing his or her eligibility for future employment and self-sufficiency. The programs offer services such as speech therapy, vision services and physical therapy. The programs also provide support and assistance to the family and maximize the child’s development to society.

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Parents are educated about the health and nutrition needs of their children. Intervening early with a special need child can enhance the child’s skills. To strengthen cognitive development early educational activities can improve social skills. Children can benefit early intervention education programs that provide child development services. Parents can receive education through home visits, center based settings focus on providing early childhood education.

Benefits of programs for early childhood interventions showing: psychological, social benefits, and tangible economic benefits to children and families. Head start is an example of early intervention which is designed to give young children experiencing poverty a chance to improve their cognitive skills, encourage their social and emotional development. Parents are encouraged thru involvement as teacher aides to help family support.

Families benefit from early intervention through programs that offer emotional support with feelings of isolation, frustration, guilt and helplessness The most reliable and long term studies have shown that the early childhood intervention benefits every aspect of the recipient’s lives-education, enonomic performance , societal behavior, health, family and children. By the enrichment of the young child’s life experience, further studies are expected to show a generational influence, further enhancing the cost/benefit ratio of Early Childhood Development programs to society.