Driving Age Needs to Be Changed Essay

Driving today presents many challenges for teen drivers! While driving to school last year there was a 16 year old, who crashed her car into another and died. This was a terrible accident and was caused by the driver texting while driving. Now if the driving age was changed to 18 years old this accident would have never occurred. Also social media creates safety hazards for numerous drivers. Then there is the issue of environmental awareness. Pollution continues to cause environmental and health issues for communities.

By increasing in the driving age to 18 years old these topics can become a focus for new drivers and hopefully change statistics in a positive way. Cell phones, I-Pods, radios, and CD’s are just a few types of social media that are trendy with teens today. Research shows that more accidents are occurring with new drivers because they are fumbling with cell phones. In 2008, the CDC recorded 3,500 teens died and 350,000 were treated in the emergency rooms for injures from car crashes (CDC). These distractions cause drivers to look away from the road and accidents occur.

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When looking at the environment, more drivers on the road create more pollution in the atmosphere then they ever did. Big cities have increased smog and pollution and according to government studies this is because there are more cars on the road. This in turns is causing an increase in health issues such as respiratory illnesses due to the increase in pollution. Also it will heat the world faster and it will keep adding on to the Green House Effect, which in the long run destroy the ozone layer.

Many people believe the driving age should stay at 16 because it has been that way for many years. At the age of 16 several adolescents get a job, and they don’t always have someone to take them to their job. Also nowadays both parents work in families and they can’t always drive their kids; so it would be suitable to have the driving age at 16. Having another driver in the family really helps out with errands and family needs. By increasing the driving age this would keep younger people off the road and it will also decrease the traffic for a little while.

There could also be more classes added to the driving training to discuss the safety issues around using social media while driving. At the same time communities could embrace the environment issues and push new drivers to be more conscious about pollution to their communities. For this to happen we need to get involved with local and governmental legislation. We must call or write to our mayor, congressmen, and senators. Health and safety should be the highest priorities for everyone