Dream Classroom Assignment Essay

“As they work hard for our children, America’s teachers often reach into their own pockets to make sure they have the best classroom supplies.” John Warner

For my classroom, I would prefer to have everything in my drawing; student desks, teacher desks, laptop rack, fish tank, smart board, chalk board, white board and a projector, clock radio, gumball machine and windows. I feel that everything in my classroom is completely necessary to have a great learning environment.

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First off, the way I arranged the students desks is the way I will arrange the desks when I become a teacher. I would like to teach a big class so I put many desks into the classroom. The way that they are arranged is that they are in rows of 2 of 7 student desks on each side of the room so that the students can get a clear view of me as I walk through the isle and also that I can see what they are doing while I am teaching; aka using of the cell phone, sleeping, doodling, etc. I put my desk at the end of the classroom so the students can easily get to my desk. I put a space in the middle of the classroom instead of having all the desks bunched up in the back of the classroom like a normal class because I like to walk around while I’m teaching and putting a space in the middle of the classroom gives me an opportunity to stand in the center of class and everyone get a clear view of what I am teaching.

I put a fish tank in my room because when I went to high school there was only one teaching in the whole school to have a fish tank. It brings the students joy to see an abnormal classroom setup and to look at the different types of fish swimming. Also it gives the students something new to look at in their day. I put windows in my classroom because the students can get a view of what the weather like is outside and when the weather gets warmer I can open the windows and you can get a fresh breeze coming through the classroom and since the students that I will be teaching don’t have recess anymore, it will still feel like they are outside when the windows are open. In the spring they can hear the birds chirping and grass being cut and that will make them feel more relaxed.

I would like to have state of the art electronically devices in my classroom. Only the best of the best for my students to get the best learning they can. I put a laptop rack in my classroom instead of a computer table full of desktop computers because students can easily take their laptops to different locations of the room and take them home with them so they can finish their work.

I put a smart board, white board, chalk board and projector in my room so that the students will have all different types of way to write out problems. I will use the projector when I am going over a problem or a review. I will use the smart board most often because smart boards have a lot of different features that will help the students understand what I am teaching more. For example, the smart board has a t-9 graphing calculator application where you click on the application and the calculator pops up on the smart board and you can use the calculator on the white board for the whole class to see what you are doing and on the side of the calculator it has the steps you took and the buttons you pressed so if a student gets behind a little, they can see what you did instead of stopping the class and asking the teacher.

Lastly, I put a clock radio in my room for numerous reasons. The main reason is because when the students are taking a test or quiz, it is a proven fact that if you play classical music it makes the brain more active and therefore making the student do better on the test or quiz and also making the student more relaxed so they are not nervous about the test or quiz. I put the peppermint gumball machine in the room because studies show that if you chew gum during a test or quiz it makes you recall more memory and facts.

The whole set up of my classroom is to make learning a fun and relaxed environment. I give my students everything they could want or need to succeed in my class.