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Animal Testing

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Researchers in the United
States use around 30 million animals annually in order to develop new
medicines, check the safety of medical, cosmetic or any other types of products
intended  for human use. Thousands of
researches have been carried out on animals for over 2500 years and currently, Federal
Animal Welfare Act (AWA) regulates animal testing in the US.  Animal testing has become a heated debate
topic over the past 30 years. The problem many animal rights activists and
opponents of animal testing claim that animal testing is cruel and inhumane so
it should be banned or strictly controlled to protect animals. One of the major
organizations which are against animal testing is Cruelty Free International. They
are opposed to animal experiments on moral grounds and also on scientific
grounds. However, scientists, researchers and proponents of animal testing can
not agree with this idea as they see animal testing as the key to solving many
current problems and prove their point by the fact that animal testing has
provided human beings with many cures and treatments so far and without them
progress would be considerably slow. Pro-Test is the main Organization that
fights against extreme banning of animal testing. They organize campaigns with
the idea that supporting animal testing as crucially necessary to further
medical science. While Cruelty Free Internatioal wants to stop this cruel
activity and encourage the use of alternatives immediately, Pro-Test supporters
are willing to continue it until they find all necessary alternatives for the
sake of progression in science. As a whole these two organizations are on
complete opposite sides of the issue, but they do share one aim in common: use
of alternative when available and eliminating the animal testing from
experiments eventually. This can be achieved by banning some unimportant
experimentations on animals and encouraging scientists to focus more on
developing alternatives before experimentation.

Although Pro-Test and Cruelty
Free International are against each other in terms of Animal experimentation as
a whole, they both seem to share a common belief in that alternative methods of
testing should be used whenever available. CFI activists claim that replacing
animals does not mean putting human patients at ris, instead, it will improve
improve the quality and the humaneness of our science. They believe that the
development of alternative methods is growing. One of the most important jobs the
Cruelty Free International science team does is encourage regulators to accept
and promote alternative methods to animal testing.