Dominican 1930 he overthrew president Horacio Vazquez.

Dominican Republic is an island located in the Caribbean which also shares the west of the island with Haiti. The main language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish. In 1492 Christopher Columbus sets foot on the island and names it Hispaniola which means “Little Spain”. By 1496 Santo Domingo was the first colony set up by the Spaniards and served as the capital of all Spanish colonies in America. Two hundred years later in 1697 the Treaty of Ryswick gives the western part of Hispaniola to France and the eastern part to Spain. The western part became known as modern day Haiti and eastern part of the island is now modern day Dominican Republic. Many years later in 1822 the president of Haiti, Jean-Pierre Boyer marched his troops into Santo Domingo and annexed it. Twenty-two years later President Boyer is took over and Santo Domingo declares its independence and becomes the Dominican Republic. In 1906 a treaty between the United States and the Dominican Republic was signed in which the United States takes over the Dominican Republic customs department in return for buying its debts. Ten years later the United States forces occupied the Dominican Republic following internal disorder. Until 1924 when the constitutional government assumed control and the United States forces withdrew.  The Dominican Republic was under a dictatorship for 31 years by a general by the name of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina. In 1930 he overthrew president Horacio Vazquez. Under his dictatorship in 1937, the army massacred 19,000-20,000 Haitians living in areas of the Dominican Republic adjacent to Haiti. In 1960 Organization of American States adopts resolution calling for severance of diplomatic ties with the Dominican Republic. By 1961 dictator Trujillo Molina was assassinated.                                                                              The Dominican Republic having the ninth largest economy in Latin America; is an upper middle developing country today. Since the 1940 the economy mostly depended on agriculture and sugar. Although the agriculture is the leading employer of Dominicans, the country has brought in an increasing number of tourist.  After the Dominican War of Independence in 1844, which released external control from Haiti. This was the first step to Dominican Republics control of their own running economy. Previously know before the war as Captaincy General of Santo Domingo. Then known as the The Republic of Spanish Haiti, after the country overthrew the Spanish crown, and Haiti adopted them. Furthermore, before the war, the Dominican Republic was under rule of the Hattian government who was more economically and militarily powerful. However, because of the mismanagement of Haitian government and large military disputes. Dominican Republic was put in an economic crisis, which made the Haitian government extremely, un-liked. After this, the secret society La Trinitaria conspired to have the Haitian government overthrown. In their efforts the La Trinitaria with the help of mob, exceeded by openly challenging the Haitians. In victory Dominican Republic to declares independence.  In 1861, queen Isabella II of Spain was asked by general Pedro Santana, to retake control of the Dominican Republic.  The Dominican Republic only 17 years of governing itself was still in an economical crisis. Furthermore, Dominican Republic having the same religion and origin as Spain was argued to join the Spanish colonies and Dominican Republic complied. Fueled by greed of controlling all the Spanish colonies, Dominican Republic was taken over by Spain 1861. Which caused an uproar and resulted in a Civil war. Spain who had returned to slavery and racial ridicule caused large revolts and riots. Many conspired to have the Spaniards release Dominican Republic and started movements which resulted in violence. With the support of Haiti who revolted against the Spaniards; Dominican Republic was able to organize their military to plan revolutionary party. By 1864 the movement had expanded to almost all of the Dominican Republic. Which forced Spain to release their royal decree and declared Dominican Republic their Independence.