Dogs: Man’s Best Friend Essay

MAN’S BEST FRIEND – DOGS Why are we say that a dog is a man’s best friend? Before talking about how important of dogs to our lives, we have to know where they come from. Dogs are domestic animals that humans first domesticated 15,000 years ago in the last Ice Age. The ancestors are the wolf dogs. These animals are used to keep as a pet or for entertaining reasons. Dog is a well-known animal. It has four legs, and a sharp sense of hearing and smelling. A dog’s brain is very developing. Dogs can distinguish objects based on the first movement then light, and finally shape.

Therefore, their vision is poor. They can only see two colors: black and white. But not because of that, dogs lose their image in human’s eyes. Dogs would be our best buddy or good pal because of their qualities: loyal, obedient, and companionable. Besides, all the good qualities they have, they also have the secret weapon. Well, we’ll get to that very soon. A dog has the great virtue that humans need for lifetime learning. Loyalty is the brilliant virtue of the noble man, but it is not a common characteristic for many people.

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For dogs, loyalty is permanent attributes with no exception. This is “unalterable principles”. Dogs always happy to see you come home after class or work. They greet you with their waving tail, jumping up and down, and cuddling you over and over again. There’s no such thing that a dog would attack or betray their owner, even if they let the dog starve. Dogs always protect their masters from the danger. Back in the day when me and my brother were still a kid, in our neighbor, there was a little boy about the same age as my brother. He sometimes bullied my brother.

On one day, while he was bullying my brother again, our dog saw that and immidiately ran to my brother. He barked and bit that mean kid so hard that he began to cry and ran away. And from then on, he never bullied my brother, ever again. Dogs usually in a good mood. They can cheer you up whenever you feel blue. It doesn’t matter to them if you got a bad score or something unhappy happened to you. They will always be there to bring you up. Unlike humans, dogs rarely get mad. They only get mad when you push them too much or force them to do something that they don’t want to.

Dogs seem to love you no matter how you treat them. They love you with all their hearts. They just don’t have the ability to say it. A dog can fool around with you all day to get you out of boredom. According to some big universities of Canada, students usually have insomnia, eating disorders, stress-minded, … and that leads to a lot of stress, so these universities come up with the idea: bring dogs to school to dispel all the stress of students. And this worked. Students are eager to play with these cute dogs to recover their minds, and prepare for the rest of the semester.

Here is something sad and very noble of dogs. When the time comes, it means when they’re about to die, they don’t want you to know that they’re gonna leave you, so they just hide in a corner and endure their pains alone. Simply because they don’t want their owners to suffer from sorrows after they’re gone. In short, a true dog will be there when you need him or her, this is the thing that none of the other animals can possibly do better than them. Another wonderful characteristic of dogs is they’re very obedient. According to that, they can learn some basic commands: sit, stay and roll over.

They can be taught to do funny stuffs to amuse their owners: playing dead, finding hidden cookies, and playing throw-and-catch. But for police dogs, these commads is more complex. They are trained to support policeman and other law-enforcements in their work. For newbie dogs, walking back and forth on the stairs several times makes them not to feel scared of heights. They have to learn a lot of lessons: heeling, jumping through obstacles, crawling closer to the enemy without being detected, and sniffing things or banned goods, ….

These skills require a lot of a dog’s effort, so they can do it fluently. Speaking about special skills for dogs, let’s get to know the life-saving dog – Saint Bernard. They’re really big, like a huge dog. Saint Bernard is quite favored and often mentioned in the literature and art. With a loyal, staying power and great will, this kind of dogs has always been appreciated by dog lovers all over the world. They are trained to be rescuers, searching for missing people in avalanches in mountainous areas. They’re supposed to carry with them a “brandy barrel”.

It’s a bottle of wine with a cross symbol on it to warm up cold bodies. Their mission is using that wine to warm up bodies of those who was buried under the thick snow. One little thing, because dogs are obedient, we can teach them to go to the bathroom properbly. It may look difficult, but later you will find it very worthy. I have this neighbor’s dog. His name is Mina. I can’t see why the neighbor named him that, but it’s a name for female dogs. He comes to my house everyday. Whenever he sees me, he’s happy. There is a reason for this. I was his keeper since he was born.

Therefore, when I order him to do something like:” Hey come over here, you little cutie! “, or stuffs like that, he immidiately run to me and ready to cuddle. How lovely it is!. Here’s the fact that you should know about, which I’ve testified by myself. Assume that you play with a puppy, and it’s not your dog. Here is what would happen. The dog grows up, he actually still remember the one who played with him when he was a puppy. And the two evidences of this are the neighbor’s dog has been mentioned in the paragraph and my grandma’s dog – Lulu.

Lulu is happened to be my favourite dog, a true Golden Retriever dog. Thus, he grew up really fast and he’s very big, so me and my grandma gave him another name. We call him Dinosaur or Dino, for short. To sum up, not only is it fun to teach a dog how to follow certain commands, but also it helps to keep your dog healthy and safe. The best reason to get a dog is because of the companionship the dog can offer to us. A dog would follow you wherever you go, even that is a darkest place on Earth. As usual, we can take our dogs for a walk in the park, or go into the woods.

For me, the Golden Retriever breed is the best companion when going to the park or the wood. Why? Because they’re brave, fearless, and willing to save his owner’s life. Having a dog by your side helps you feel safe when you’re alone in the jungle or else. Let me suppose, in the worst circumstances, you’re in danger and can’t fight back to something, like the wolves for example. Your “four-paw” companion can be your hero at that time. He would go against those hungry wolves that try to eat you, and even sacrifice for you. Dogs love their masters so much that they always tend to stay close to them.

As they stay close enough, they can be infected with human characteristics. I saw a video clip about a dog that repeat her owner’s voice. She could say “I love you” to her owner. How sweet! It’s maybe difficult to hear, but the dog puts her efforts in it. So, we have to admit it. Here’s a story about Lulu that I want to tell. Whenever I come to my grandma’s house, he runs to me straight away and jumps on my body. Let me remind you something, he’s not a small puppy anymore. And I’m like: “Easy boy, I’m here. You don’t have to be so delighted.

We still have all day to play”. I know that he can’t get a word I’m saying, so I think I just have to receive his welcome. Not only does he run to me, but also he runs around my grandma’s house. He jumps on her bed and waving his tail like a litlle kid finally gets to see his love ones after a long time. My grandma’s house almost collapsed. I’m telling you, although he has become a adult dog already, but he’s still acting like a kid whenever he sees me. I guess it’s just the way he is. There’s no way that someone you love the most can do that to you, but dogs can.

It’s obvious to me that nothing can compare to a dog’s dedication, intelligence, and friendship. One last thing, like I said before, dogs have secret weapon. Their weapon is doing the “puppy face”. Works everytime. Human like us just can’t resist that cuteness. If they want something and do the “puppy face”, you’ll have to give it to them right away. I, also a victim of this. My family once had a dog. His name is Tun. He’s really mischievous. When me and my brother were eating, he came around. He wanted that gravy meat on my bowl. So, he did the “puppy face”.

And no doubt, I couldn’t help myself but giving him that delicious meat. They’re so good at doing the “puppy face”. You have to watch out for that. In conclusion, dogs are definitely man’s best friend. It would mean the world if you save your love for them. They may not be the best guard dogs, but they will be fast friends with any humans they come in contact with. They’re happy when you’re happy, they feel sad when you’re sad, and they even comfort you if you cry. What more do you ask for if you have a friend like that?. For me, I’d be very blessed.