Diversity Essay

In my opinion, diversity is the mixture of different backgrounds, whether social or cultural, coming together to form one group. Diversity deals with being comfortable within yourself while accepting those who are unlike you. While diversity can be interpreted in many different ways, it is crucial for us to understand it’s importance. In order for society to function properly, diversity must always exist. I can contribute to the diversity at the University of Kentucky because of my socio-­? economic status. I come from a small, low-­? ncome town in southeastern Kentucky. Being from a rural location, I haven’t had many opportunities to associate with people that differ from my same background and culture. Leaving my small town roots will allow me to put myself into the mixture of other various backgrounds and open my mind to different ways of life. Not only will I get to meet new people and get involved with many different groups, I will also be able to contribute diversity through my cultural differences and compare my ways of life with other that are unlike me. I can howcase my Appalachian culture; which consists of attributes such as foods, arts and crafts, and music. My deep southern accent and religious views will set me apart as well. Whether I am learning about other cultures and backgrounds or exhibiting my own, diversity is one of the main reasons for leaving my hometown and coming to a larger part of the state. Without diversity the world would be a very dull place to live and I look forward to experiencing the diversity at the University of Kentucky first hand in the upcoming fall semester.