Discerning as trainee engineer by Satven. Since

Discerning managers are the mainstay of any venture that aspires to sustain itself by braving the strong headwinds of stiff niche competition, volatile economy, unpredictable vagaries and other vulnerabilities. Such managers are not born gifted with superlative traits rather their instincts and latent potentials are nurtured and conditioned in premiere management institutions. Brimming with ambitious plans for my future and earnestly willing to contribute to society’s progress, I am keen to pursue MBA from India’s foremost institute IIMB. 
On the academic front, I have fared consistently well due to my diligence and the attentive care showered by my teachers. For higher studies, I had chosen engineering in mechanical stream to understand the intricacies that underlie automated devices around me. Participation in various paper presentations, seminars at inter-college level, and spending quality time in research labs had enriched me intellectually and placed me among top performers in college. I was campus selected as trainee engineer by Satven. Since then, I have been maturing as a professional since last 42 months.
My corporate stint in automotive industry has proved valuable in bestowing on me insights regarding the role each individual plays conscientiously at various stages of execution of any project. I have come to appreciate the critical position of manager who keeps the team motivated, lead it to success by taking setbacks in his stride, and steers the project to its completion. My analytical skills, problem solving trait, strategic decision making, capability to handle pressure, team spirit, adaptive and leadership qualities have been fortified adequately over here. Earlier in college too, my leadership had shone forth particularly during organizing of college events wherein I would nimbly take care of the entire gamut of activities encompassing paper shortlisting, inviting delegates to seminars, finalizing location, overseeing the presentation, assigning roles to faculty and students.  
The importance of perspicacity had sunk in me during presentation of product demo to client at my company. The presentation went on smoothly but when the client shot questions regarding project’s schedule, deadlines, cost estimates etc., I was caught unawares. My project manager came to my rescue and I was impressed by his presence of mind and knowledge level. MBA would help me to emulate successful managers who are true assets for any organization. 
After my success with pilot projects, I got promoted as Sr. Analyst wherein I had to train new trainees in my team. My efforts, commitment, and habit of meeting deadlines brought me the certificate of excellence at Satven. In order to take my family business to new heights and also to focus on my MBA exam preparation, I decided to quit Satven and join my home enterprise as a Marketing Executive. My father is my inspiration. Although not highly educated, he has been instrumental in driving our business with success, offering employment to less talented but laborious people and setting high standards with his ethical, moral and benevolent behavior. My profile demands me to liaise with stakeholders and clients, convince customers about the stellar features of our products, prepare documentation, keep employees motivated and prepare plans.
IIM Bangalore would offer me a fecund academic platform for cultivating my managerial skills and acumen. Imbibing of global business perspectives and becoming conversant with   dynamics and deterministic principles of contemporary business through experiential, participative and reflective study mode would improve my proficiency, incisiveness, proactive risk mitigation and predictive analysis nous. Listening to guest lectures, working on real life case studies, interacting with students from various academic backdrops, participating in seminars, and getting trained in state of the art pedagogic infrastructure would transform me into a consummate manager. Equipped with adequate knowledge, I aspire to transform my family business into a brand name to reckon with in the long run.