Digital devices each other and it is

Digital door unlock
system is to unlock the door by using pin code, RFID tag or fingerprints
instead of using key. This can increase the security of the house and also more
convenient with the system. The system is computerized with intelligent network
of electronic devices.

According to several
studies, it shows that the burglaries happened very often and mostly in residential
homes and the victims loss their belongings which worth for a huge amount.
There are 9 out of 10 burglars more focus on those homes without alarm system
by the report of “Home Safety Fast Facts” by Electronic Security Association
(ESA) as it will risk their life and will not be able to break into the home
successfully. (Association, 2011) People nowadays are willing to spend a
little more money on installing a better door unlock system and security alarm
system which also famous in the field of development for numerous security
system. There are several types of security alarm system using the door lock as
the main controller for the whole system, for example ZigBee. (Adnan Ibrahim, 2015)

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things
(IoT) is a global network of machines and capable interacting with devices each
other and it is one of the most important areas of future technology which is
gaining attention from different field of industries. (In Lee, 2015) The IoT has been developed primarily by
the needs of large corporation that will advantage people from the foresight
and predictability afforded by the ability to follow all objects through the
commodity chains in which they are embedded. Cloud computing used in this
technology provide a virtual infrastructure that allow people to keep track and
have the ability of coding an object and more efficient, increase the
productivity and decrease the inaccurate in the products. (Somayya Madakam, 2015)

The current Internet
had evolved into a Network of interconnected objects that uses actual Internet
standards to provide information transfer, analytics, applications, and
communications. The Internet revolution had reached the interconnection between
people at a unique scale and lead to interconnections between objects to create
smart environment as the next revolution. According to the studied data, there
are 9 billion interconnected devices and was expected to reach 24 billion by
2020. This will bring huge revenue to the mobile network operators in the
segments of health, automotive, utilities and consumer electronics. The
Ubiquitous Computing which means the concept of computing appear anytime and
everywhere and Mark Weiser as its procreator, is created because of the
Internet and enables devices communicate to other device in the world. Then,
human centric ubicomp proposed by Rogers makes use of human creativity in
exploiting the environment and extending their capabilities. He suggested that
this technology should be developed for agricultural production, environmental
restoration or retailing. The miniature of devices that can sense, compute, and
communicate wirelessly in short distances are developed with the improved of
micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology, wireless communications,
and digital electronics. The miniatures devices can connect together and form a
wireless sensor networks (WSN) and get the wide ranging applications in
environmental monitoring, infrastructure monitoring and etc. (Jayavardhana Gubbi, 2013)