Descriptive Room Essay

Creel K. Haswell AP English-2 3-7-2013 A Walk through the Ocean When glancing through a door, a spacious room folds out. Clean none the less, but nothing which gives it an eye popping quality. Although it may look mediocre compared to other rooms, this room has possession. Light filters into the room from the multiple windows surrounding it. The windows are spotless with no trace of dust, heavily veiled with black meshed curtains. Tinting the walls is the colors of sea mist greens while the witched capped ceiling is of creamy white.

In the middle of the room stands a low bed. Inviting the world to many naps and relaxing filled nights. Standing in a corner lays a bookshelf. The shelves are stacked with novels such as Nancy Drew, Little House on the Prairie and The Unfortunate Event Series. Most of the books are worn, the bindings cracked with overuse. A small door can be seen across the room. Stuffed to the brimm with clothes and unidentifiable objects are inside. Kept inside that small room is a tiny heart shaped box. This box is secret, hopefully never to be shown to the world.

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The door is closed tightly so as not to be seen when entering. The room smells faintly of an ocean breeze air freshener, like a home the smell is comforting. It is a clean warm scent that is utterly inviting. A fan rotating lazily around keeps the fragrance from never dying out. Hearing an ancient round clock ticking dully in the background the setting of the room is peaceful. This room has been a tranquil place for many years. One can find peace in it just by being inside of it. It is inviting, like the ocean calling the tide back into sea. The room is waiting.