Descriptive Paragraph Essay

Laura Parker Ms. Taylor English 1101 online February 7, 2013 Mother Nature’s Wrath The subdivision looked like a disaster area after the tornado hit. The smells of the surrounding damp forest and the burnt aroma of the wreckage found each other and loomed in your nostrils as a constant reminder of Mother Nature trying to claim back her territory. Fallen branches and stray trash littered the cul-de-sac and yards without prejudice. An old, gray and green stone fountain, tipped over in a driveway and cracked to the state of disrepair.

It was nearly impossible to get through the mass amounts of cluttered debris, stacked in front of the steps of the houses. Following the steps up to find the knocked out planks of the porches was like seeing the broken smile from a boxer who got his teeth punched out. The big tree that the neighborhood children would always play on was merciful by falling onto the roof of a garage instead of destroying a child’s bedroom just a few feet to the right. Mother Nature had also claimed the front door, in its place was the almost eerie scene of a completely untouched and flawless hallway beckoning any passerby to partake in its safety.

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Approaching the end of the hallway the scent of Febreze Fresh Meadow and fresh baked snickerdoodles still lingered, immersing any unfortunate victim back into the safe, normal world they had known just a few hours before. The feeling was unsettling, offensive, but almost soothing as the window at the tail end of the corridor displayed a breathtakingly normal and pristine backyard. The sun beaming through, as happy as ever, showing that there is still beauty in this world and that all is not lost.