Describe how your education, experience, and training make you a good fit for this role Essay

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1. Describe how your education, experience, and training make you a good fit for this role.

I believe that my Bachelor’s in Psychology will be a tremendous asset to the corrections community, as I have studied a myriad of subjects within this discipline that will undoubtedly help me understand the dynamics of the prison population.  I realize that it is in no way in the job description to counsel prisoners, but I do think that having a basic understanding of how behavior and thought process works will be a wonderful skill.  I have, also, studied abnormal psychology and prisoners, who present with extraordinary problems will not shock me in the least.  I, also, deal with difficult people daily as a part of my customer service work and I have been doing this for five years.  I am, also, certified in CPR and know how to handle an emergency situation if one arises.  At Fort Lewis, my work has been very strenuous and demanding, but I have excelled and expect to excel in any new position that I work in.

2. Describe a time in which you had to use your written communication skills in order to get an important point across.

In college for research papers, I obviously had to implement my writing skills to fulfill class requirements.  I have prepared speeches, in writing, before performing them and have written many presentations and other types of correspondence (e-mail, etc…) to inquire into topics relating to my studies or to communicate with professors and supervisors about my work.  I do feel that I have very strong writing skills and can easily implement writing with other types of communication needed for this position.  But, to pick one specific instance in using my writing skills to “get an important point across”, I would say that this writing exercise would be the most important to me thus far!

3. Describe a situation that required you to do a number of different things at the same time. How did you handle it and what was the result?

At Fort Lewis, I constantly must work under pressure and use my multitasking skills on a daily basis.  I must serve around 200 customers a day, completing transactions, answering questions, helping co-workers, answering phones, etc…This is what I do on a daily basis.  But, again, to cite one situation, I effectively handled working, studying for classes, taking tests, writing papers, and found time to volunteer.  I handled all those things by reminding myself of the good feeling that comes at the end of a day, a shift, or a class and how that feeling of accomplishment is important to remind myself to stay on track.  I, also, found that if I like what I do and the people that are around me, that the many things that must be accomplished, seem much more enjoyable if I am not doing it all on my own.  I believe that even if I did work alone as a corrections officer, if I could connect with other officers that have the same hectic lives, it would be just fine.

4. Many individuals on a CCO’s case load have committed serious crimes, including sex offenses and violent crimes. What would your approach be when working with individuals who have committed actions you may strongly disagree with?

I would employ what I learned in the psychology program at the University of Washington and that is Carl Roger’s idea of Unconditional Positive Regard.  With this idea, everyone is looked upon with positive regard, no matter what they have done or what kind of personality they have.  Positive regard is not the same as liking or being friendly with someone, but simply showing respect to another human being, just for being human.  Also, I have found that if I realize that every person was at one time a child and is still someone’s child, then I treat that person better.  For older persons, I like to think that person is someone’s father or mother and I would personally want someone to treat my father or motherr in a decent manner.

5. What has been your experience working with diverse individuals?

I have in the past and currently worked well with men, women, older, younger, and ethnically diverse persons.  College is always a good place to go to find a diverse base of people and I did while I was there.  I sought out people from places all over the world and the nation to hear about their experiences and tell them mine.  I think it is always interesting to deal with people, who are different from myself, and taking the time to ask questions and get clarification (if there is a language barrier) is not something that I am afraid to do.  I believe that being comfortable with others is dependant on how comfortable and secure a person is with themselves.  I am very secure in who I am and, therefore, will have no issues working with others, who may be different from me.