Decision Making Essay

Digital Footprint

With freedom comes responsibility. When we first began sending messages through cyberspace, few anticipated that the digital footprint we were creating would follow us for a lifetime. Posts on Facebook that people make in junior high and high school impact hiringdecisions when they are 30. Consider the following questions.

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Question 1: Which of the perspectives of the four members of the G-BioSport Ethics Committee did you find most persuasive as you consider how you will manage your own digital footprint? Which was lease persuasive? Why? Question 2: Did the perspective you found persuasive mirror your result from the Ethical Lens Inventory? Where did you see similarities and differences? You have now completed the EthicsGame Ethics Exercise.

Remember … Values + Choice = Ethics

Financial Responsibility
Each of us is connected in our interdependent community. As we consider our financial obligations, we realize that from scholarship through guaranteed loans, many others have a stake in our educational outcome. The promise that we make to each other is that we will honor our contracts so that our community as a whole can flourish. Consider the following questions.

Question 1: As you reflect on the experience of self-talk, did you find the process useful in helping you make more ethical decisions? What were the strengths of this technique? The weaknesses? What is the most effective way for you to self-coach yourself into ethical decisions? Question 2: As you reflect on the blind spots and risks of each of the four ethical lenses, where are you vulnerable? As you reflect on the many statements of unethical action in the this exercise, which one(s) would be the ones where you would have to be attentive to not inadvertently fall into unethical behavior? You have now completed the EthicsGame Ethics Exercise.

Student Marketplace
Some say that students are the only consumer group that demands to be cheated: they pay dearly for a college education and then try to cheat their way through their four years in order to get a high grade point average rather than master the materials. This set of Ethics Exercises pointed out places in their academic life where students can be tempted to go forexpedience instead of excellence. Consider the following questions.

Question 1: As you reflect on the examples of appropriate and inappropriate collaboration, did you see a pattern in which actions were permitted and which were not? If you are faced with a situation where you’re not sure whether or not the action is cheating, what criteria will you use to make the decision? Question 2: What do you see is the relationship between doing an ethical act and making sure that your reason for acting is ethically mature? How do the two ideas working together help you to be more ethical? You have now completed the EthicsGame Ethics Exercise.

Remember … Ethics + Choice = Character