Currently to stop poverty , not a

Currently venezuela leads the world’s highest inflation, the poverty is so high that about a dozen eggs at least costs about $150 dollars. And so far the poverty in Venezuela is 55 percent.Worst of all, the country is running desperately short of food and medicine.And the light service is really bad people are on the streets starving begging for food and money,And the worst this to happen to this country is the president.Hugo chavez was the one that started everything even the poverty.There’s now human rights and its decreasing so now people are starving and dying.                                                                                                                                        People are dying, losing jobs, and the poverty.Trash is turning water into a infected virus water which is caused by poverty/ garbage the money of Venezuela for food ,medicine, and water cost about over 100 dollars. Reports say that venezuela is losing supplies and including electricity so we lose light often for about 15-30 minutes and the president is making everything expensive more than it should cost(the president doesn’t really care about the people he only cares about money) Venezuela could be turning into a garbage country people clean up but more waste is coming.All wildlife my die due to one reason ‘poverty’.We can’t say anything but people from venezuela are trying to free the country from the horrible hugo chavez  the one who started it people are even trying to kill him to stop poverty , not a lot of supplies and money.And the people are not giving up we venezuelans are trying to fight for liberty and free the beautiful country from horror.Its people’s worst fear who are living there,some can’t even afford to    leave the country it would be the passport or something else that we don’t know currently venezuela owns a insane lot to country’s    but the main problems are: Economic policy,crime,corruption,shortages and political shutdowns.Venezuela is currently undergoing the biggest crisis it has had so far.                                                        People are in fear, people are worried for the fate of the country,especially the poverty in the country and everyone is worried about their foods,supplies,shortages etc….    People are fighting for their live’s people get hurt and some even die, People are fighting and it all started from Nicolas Maduro (most of the Venezuelan presidents were bad except Simon bolivar the one who freed the country from the spanish.People remember him even tho he’s dead we still remember him as the one who freed the country. Poverty is increasing every year higher and higher but if people fight this poverty could decrease in a matter of time.But the fate of Venezuela is in the people’s hand.If people give up they country will get really polluted and all the people in there might die.