Creating the system of Multi –Purpose Lending System (MPLS) Essay

Creating the system of Multi –Purpose Lending System (MPLS) is the most crucial point in this research. In the process of designing this system, the researchers/system developers conducted one-on-one interview Lending Coordinator of the different lending establishments, but not limited to, the flow of its day-to-day business dealings with clients. Likewise, the researchers/system developers collated and used sample forms, records, and reports in the construction of the functionalities and features of the system.

These documents are vital since coding and implementation are significant for the realization of the functionality of the system. More so, the researchers employed system analysis and design. This enabled the researchers conceptualize the engineering phase of the system. Moreover, the researchers/system developers meticulously looked into the process of software development. This computer programming dealt on the process of writing and maintaining the source code. This, as well, included all that is involved from the conception of the desired software or system and the final manifestation of the software.

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The software development comprised research, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, and any other significant activities that resulted in the construction of the software products. All these form part of the tools, techniques, and methodology employed in designing Multi –Purpose Lending System (MPLS) Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, and Adobe Photoshop are the software’s used in utilizing the system. MPLS is capable of keeping records, updating data, and generating receipts.

Consequently, it decreases the paper work of the Lending Coordinator as this frees him/her from manual recording and accounting of records, paper-based transaction, clients are relieved from the burden of running to-and- fro just to transact with the lending coordinator, and periodic checking and review of records can be done any time of the day. MPLS will make the handling and management of every transaction of the lending establishments more systematic as this lessens the paper based and pens transactions.

Errors and inconsistencies prevention is also highlights of this system. In the project identification and selection phase, a formal request to develop a project design and develop an information system solution was presented to the cooperative. The cooperative manager and the other personnel were interview to identify the problem areas of the cooperative and to justify the needs of the information system solution. Afterwards the proponents analyze the current data processing, general business functions and the database needs of the cooperative.

In the project initiation, the proponent identifies the scope of the database requirements for the proposed Multi- Purpose Lending System. Afterwards, when all data requirements for the cooperative business functions are completely analyzed, preliminary conceptual model is developed. In the analysis phase, a detailed entity relationship diagram must be developed to identify the entire cooperative data must be managed for the information system.

The data flow diagrams of the existing and the proposed system must be also developed to describe the business processes that are taking place inside the cooperative and to identify the data required and produced by each transaction. In the database design, the entity relationship diagram may transform into formal forms to define the database structure. The layout for the user interface, input and output screens re design using the GUI controls of Microsoft Visual Studio. All input and output requirements based on the dataflow diagrams.

In the implementation phase, all databases processing programs are coded and tested. Unit testing is done first to identify and eliminate execution and logical errors that could cause the programs terminate. Integration testing follows after the unit testing to check the parts of the system that depends on each module, the connection between each page and the tables are tested to see if it functions correctly and provide same results. System testing is done last to test the entire system which include typical functions and to see if the networking is possible.

FEEDBACK Knowledge & Skills in Programming & Designing Interview with the Lending Coordinator and Clients Document Analysis Designing of DFD Database Coding and Designing System Testing and Debugging Multi- Purpose Lending System (MPLS) Figure 1. Conceptual Paradigm of the Proposed MPLS Figure 1 presents the overall view of the Multi-Purpose Lending System. As shown, the concept of computer system matters. Input-Process-Output (IPO) requires both human and system interventions as these are equally significant.

Further, an operating system is a prerequisite, as well, for it acts as bridge between the computer user/administrator and the system itself. As regards the operating system, applications like Visual Basic and Microsoft Access must be available. Finally, the output of which is determined via the usability and reliability of the system such as printing reports and receipts. Clients Account Microsoft Access 2007 Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Lending Transaction Completed Application Software Figure 2. Contextual Diagram of the Proposed System