Conforming to focus and be well rounded

to The Faculty of the Language and Literature
Department (2011), that implementing the K-12 curriculum in the Philippines
under the Aquino Administration is good but in the other hand, people will
still have questions and they will try to stop this new implemented education. If
the K-12 curriculum will lift the Philippine country in having a better
education system then the society should help it to bring the Philippines near
on having a good quality of education. Prove everybody that we can produce a
competitive, skilled, and professional young citizens.

to Dr. Rex Bacarra
an education consultant, the purpose of education is to mold an individual by
gaining information to have knowledge for a better understanding to know what
is good and what is bad. But the people missed out the real point about the new
education system, that implementing K-12 curriculum is a waste of time, money
and effort of the parents also, the students. Education is not only a way of
preparing students to work or a method for advancement and opportunities for
careers, education will give students wisdom and great ideas as they grow up,
it is a treasure to every students that they need to be a better person.

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Philippines K-12 program (2015) cited that K-12 curriculum will give the
students under this an enough time to focus and be well rounded in the skills
that they have even without having a college degree. The senior high graduates
can have job specific skills, graduating in the legal age means full time
employment. K-12 opened ways and chances for the students in different fields
and jobs.

article of Trisha Macas in GMA News (2015) entitled “K-12 stresses work
readiness over global competitiveness”, The founder of a Philippines-based
international school said that K-12 curriculum gives more importance of the
development of students and preparing them to the real world or working after
graduating instead of producing a globally competitive students.