Concert Description 3 Essay

Concert Description #3 In April, 21 2013 I went to a music concert at the University of Texas at Brownsville. The concert was called Woodwind Chamber Ensembles Collaborative Piano; it was located at the Art Center Performance Hall it began at 4:30 p. m. to 5:30 p. m. The concert was held by UTB students and professors, the concert had different sections with different students and teacher and different instruments.

The pieces music that were performed in this concert were Humorous Scherzo Sergei Prokofiev 1891- 1953, Duos for flute and clarinet Robert Muczynski 1929-2010, stage humors, John Mackey. B. 1973 Diffusions for saxophone quartet Gordon Goodwin b. 1954, Bohemian Rhapsody, Freddie mercury, An die music, Franz Schubert 1797-1828, Abendempfindung, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756 – 1791, Du bist wie eine blume, Robert schumann 1810-1856, Amorosi miei giorni, Stefano Donaudy 1879-1925, Zueignung, Richard Strauss 1864-1949, Romance in F major, op. 0, Ludwig Van Beethoven1770-1827 and Petite Suite, Claude Debussy 1862-1918. The type of instruments that were on stage was Saxophone, Bassoon, Flute, Clarinet, Piano and Vocal voice. The instrument that caught my attention was the Piano because it relaxes me and made me enjoy the concert. The performance was entertaining The concert began with a Bassoon instrument I found it very entertainment. I found the beat slow and relaxing and with good rhythm.

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My favorite part was the Bohemian Rhapsody and my favorite piece was Freddie Mercury/ arr. Terry Tomlin This concert was really fun and I really enjoyed it, it was the best concert I have gone in UTB and I am looking forward to go to more concerts and listen to the talent that each student in UTB has. At the end of the concert I went with a big smile on my face because I truly appreciated the effort, voice and talent they have. This class showed me how to listen to music and appreciated at the same time.