Composition I Essay

My Eighth Grade Experience
The events we go through during life’s course influence our outlook on life and helps assemble who we are as individuals. These events can either have a negative impact or a positive impact. I have chosen to share a personal event that had a positive impact on my life. As a young child I always detested school, therefore I never tried to do my best because it was not important to me. Every school year was the same, I socialized with my friends, doodled on my paper as the teacher was instructing, and I was completely satisfied with barely passing. During my eighth grade year at Coffee Middle School my perspective of school changed.

On the first day of school, the halls were filled with continuous chatter, tables were set up to give newcomers a sense of direction, and I could see everyone taking in the new transitions. On the eighth grade hallway there were several different clusters, each identified by a letter of the alphabet. Out of several eighth grade students, myself as well as about sixty other lucky students were chosen to be in cluster “C”. Each cluster had four teachers, one for every subject; little did I know my teachers would have a great impact on my life. “Welcome to the eighth grade, our number one goal is to make you love school,” this was said by each teacher in my cluster. I was struck by surprise by their confidence, considering how hard I thought that would be. They seemed so sure of themselves but I knew that they were going to have a more difficult time making me have passion for school. Later that day, I wondered if the other eighth grade teachers had the same attitude as my teachers. I also wondered if it was possible for me to enjoy school, it had always been just an annual routine that was enforced by my parents and everyone else.

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As the year progressed I noticed a difference in the learning atmosphere. Differences such as instead of my teachers telling me I was wrong, they would show me ways to make my answers better. They really encouraged me to set short-term and long-term goals and always strive to pursue my dreams. Their attitude and persistence had a really big impact on me, I finally started to try. Everyone could see a change in my approach towards school, I would be the first one to raise my hand to ask a question or be the last one to turn in my test because I would concentrate so hard on getting it right. I started to look forward to high school and I wanted to graduate with honors. I even thought about going to college and what I wanted to pursue a career in. Making good grades made me feel so good about myself because my teachers would always reassure me that I was doing a great job. This was very significant to me because out of all the clusters I could have been put into I was put in cluster “C”, which changed my entire outlook on education and what it could do for my life.

My eighth grade experience will and has influenced others because I always demonstrate the same passion for school as my teachers showed me. My accomplishments in school will encourage my younger siblings to achieve great things in school and life as well. I hope to be an example for them and many other young people who have little faith in education because without education the world would be at a stand-still and it would never have new discoveries in technology or new cures for diseases. I want people to look at school as a privilege not a burden. I am very thankful for the teachers I had and the impact that they have made in my life and encouraging me to make great educational choices.