Compare and contrast Julius Caesar Essay

Compare and Contrast Julius Caesar Essay

The leader of Rome is dead, and two men have completely different opinions as to what has happened to him. Brutus, his right hand man, says that he had to be killed due to his excessive ambition. While Antony states that he was brutally murdered by the people who called themselves his friends. But only one of the two stood out, they were so believable and convincing that it was hard to believe anyone other than him. And this speech was given by Antony. He gave an incredibly convincing speech, making the people of Rome completely look past the words of Brutus by sparking different emotions in them. But at the same time he was very careful and precise with his words which helped to protect him from the conspirators who murdered Caesar.

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First off, Antony was a genius in how he presented his speech to the populous with how he sparked so many different emotions in them. In the beginning of his speech Antony sparks impatience in the Roman people by making them want to hear what Caesar has left them in his will. And when he finally tells them what he included in it, he made them feel melancholy towards their deceased leader who was described by Antony as a noble and respectable man who cared only for the people and the country that he was about to rule over. But very quickly after that, the audience of Antony’s became enraged towards the men who had called themselves his friends and killed Caesar. They wanted to murder them all and avenge their beloved leader. Antony told them not to be angry, but he clearly did this on purpose because he too wanted to avenge Caesar’s death. He very skillfully manipulated these people’s feelings and made them vengeful as he wanted them to be.

Antony not only played with the emotions of his audience like they were children’s toys, but he did so in an ingenious way which helped to keep the conspirators from suspecting him in doing something to go against them. He made the people of Rome sort of fall in love with him in a way. So that if the conspirators decided that they needed to rid of him because he was plotting against them, they wouldn’t be able to because that would seal their fates in that the populous of Rome would kill them. He showed the
people of Rome just how much he cared about Caesar and looked up to him, which made them pity Antony because they were able to just how much he lost when Caesar was murdered.

So, to tie I all together, Antony clearly gave an extremely convincing speech that easily swayed the opinions of the people of Rome and convinced them that he was a truthful and honest man who only cared about the wellbeing of the people. He was extremely clever in that he played with their emotions and made them feel almost all of them, finally ending in making them angry towards the conspirators. But he was also clever in how he said all that he did because he ended up creating a shield of sorts for himself so that the conspirators wouldn’t be able to kill him without sealing their fates to the Roman people. Antony was clever and witty and convinced the Roman populous that he was an honest man and that Caesar was too.