CLIENT him feel that we are client


Mr. Sam
Nicholas and family moved from Calgary to Ottawa on 2012. Mr. Sam Nicholas is
31 years old and is a mechanic. His wife Mrs. Linda Nicholas is 33 years old
and is a pharmacist. They have two daughters Angel and Mary aged 2 and 4. Mr.
Sam wants to buy a new home for his family, for that he meets a Personal
Financial Advisor to get advice on different savings strategy to buy a new

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Giving the client a warm welcome

Giving the
client a warm and good welcome helps to make a first impression on the client’s
mind. It gives a positive attitude to the client and make him feel that we are
client centred and we are here to help him. It releases the energy that we want
our clients to feel about.

For example

Me – Hello,
welcome Mr. Nicholas, my name is David. Please take a seat and make yourself

Nicholas- Thank you Mr. David

made Mr. Nicholas more comfortable and helped me to give a positive energy into
his mind.

Become a good listener to understand
the client

helps us understand the clients needs. It helps us to break down the
information provided by him and give him effective solutions. It helps us to
built trust in the clients mind

For example

Me – So, Mr.
Nicholas! how can I help you?

Mr Nicholas
– I want to buy a new house for my family. Can you please give information regarding
different saving strategy for a mortgage down payment. Me and my wife has Tax
Free Savings Account of $10,000 and $25,000………….

Mr. Nicholas continues to provide his personal information regarding his
income, investments etc…. As Personal Financial Advisor it’s my objective
collect every information from the client.


Sharing information will help the client to understand what
more opportunities he can have access to. It will help them to gain more
knowledge and understand the situation more practically. If the client lacks
financial knowledge, it s our responsibility make him aware of every thing

For example

Me – I understand your concern sir

          Might I say
something here

Mr. Nicholas – Yes of course

Me –                  
Mr. Nicholas, there are lots of viable options here. As you have TFSA,
we can withdraw money to compensate the down payment, or have you ever heard
about  RRSP Home Buyers Plan.

Mr.Nicholas – Can you give me information regarding this

Here we provide detailed
information regarding the RRSP plan. We 
share knowledge and make him understand the importance of RRSP’s ,its
investments benefits and how we can use it for his mortgage down payment by
explaining about First time Home Buyers plan. This helps the client to
understand the situation and make effective decision.

Follow up and asking

Making follow up helps the client to realise that he is
important to us. Arranging for another meeting or giving personal contact
information helps the clients to increase their trust and confidence in us.