Cinderella Parody Essay

Once upon a time, there was a really lazy and mean little girl who lived in a house with her stepmother and two stepsisters. The little girl never did anything for herself. She bossed everyone in the house around and never did anything useful. All day, all she would ever do is sit on the couch and watch television or play cruel tricks on the animals around the house. And she was the worst sister EVER! Whenever her sisters would dress up for a dance or special occasion, she would gather up all of the cinders in the fire place into a bucket, and dump them all over her sisters, ruining their pretty clothes.

They would then ask, “Why did you do such a thing? ” and she would respond, “Eh. I guess I was just bored. ” They would then run weeping from the room. This especially rotten example of her mean spirited nature was how the lazy and mean little girl became known as Cinderella. Cinderella grew up doing many inexcusable deeds such as these. Her only friend was the mischievous black cat. Together, they would terrify the mice. Cinderella would leave out crumbs of cheese for them and hide behind a corner.

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Once the mouse smelt the cheese and came out, Cinderella would sick the cat on them. Seeing the little mice run in panic would make Cinderella and her cat fall over in fits of laughter. Then they would make their way over to the kitchen, knocking over a priceless vase or a family heirloom on the way of course. Once in the kitchen, Cinderella would greedily gobble up the apple pie that took her stepmother two hours of great care to make each day. She would only share with her feline accomplice in nastiness, throwing him a few scraps every now and then.

The cat didn’t seem to mind, so long as Cinderella provided him with mice. Later in the day, sometimes Cinderella would go outside and pester the farm animals. When the sun set, she would trudge in the house and stomp her feet to make sure every last drop of caked mud on her sister’s boots would fall onto the floor that her sister had been scrubbing all day. Cinderella would then scowl and storm into her room, and fall fast asleep on her silk sheets and dream of sugar plum faries.