Chomp: Fiction and Florida Everglades Essay

Have you ever thought about getting lost in the Florida Everglades, facing the most dangerous creatures? In the book CHOMP by Carl Hiaasen, Derrick Badger the star of the show Expedition Survival! He gets lost in the middle of the Everglades because his airboat that he stole crashed. He ran away from his show because he was bitten by a bat and truly believed he was becoming a vampire. Derrick Badger is a dumb, selfish, but funny character in the novel. He plays an important role through the story because he really is the one to blame for everything that is happening in the story.

The reader will see how carefully Carl Hiaasen chose the setting to fit all the elements and plot twists in the story. To begin, mankind is faced with many challenges in the animal kingdom. In the Florida Everglades there is not much for humans. There are many dangerous animals, which are most likely angry a human is disturbing their habitat. Within the novel a bat that Derrick Badger tries to eat ends up biting him on the nose. Another example is when Derrick Badger gets lost and begins going insane because he does not think he can survive in this habitat because he is becoming a vampire.

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The reader can realize that Derrick Badger does not do well with animals. Also, one can see the Florida Everglades is not suitable for humans. Characters in the novel are faced with many challenges because of the Florida Everglades setting. Next, Hiaasen was able to make many elements in the story possible because of its setting. Elements such as the airboats which made it possible for the characters to get back and forth from dry land to water. Do to the fact the Everglades is a swamp the author was able to include exotic animals such as alligators to the story.

Within the novel the characters use the airboats to search for Derrick Badger. There are also many wild life creatures used in the story to make it more exciting and thrilling for the reader. The reader can realize that the airboats are frequently needed through the story for many reasons. Also they will notice that animals help make the story interesting. Many elements are possible because of the Florida Everglades. To conclude, there were many plot twists because of this setting. When Derrick Badger ran away there were no police around to go find him.

They had to look for him themselves. The Everglades is a huge area which made it easy to get lost and harder to be found. In the novel they are in the middle of nowhere therefore there are no police to be found. Also the Everglades are very big and dangerous. It would take some time to search the whole place. As the reader can see Derrick is crazy for running away and putting himself in all this danger. Therefore if the place is so big how would they ever be able to find him with no cell phone service? Hiaasen made the story more interesting by including plot twists throughout the novel.

Thanks to the Florida Everglades plot twists and elements were made possible in the novel. Mankind vs. animal kingdom is what the whole novel is based on. Elements through the novel were made possible because of its setting. The Everglades made the story relevant to the plot twists. The elements and plot twists were the topic of my whole essay. I have come to the conclusion that mankind should not interfere with the animal kingdom. The Everglades is too crazy for people but perfect for animals to stay hidden from predators. Would you ever be able to handle getting lost and maybe never being found?