Childrens Life Time Essay

Young children drastically being abused! Most of the time people consider a child’s life the best, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Around the world many children are considering their childhood the worst. There are many bad things going around the world that children are becoming very different people. Children are in need of parents taking care of them and loving them more than usual.

Childhood years in a person’s life will not always be the best due to the fact that there are many children being abused, most of the children do not get the right education, and more in these days, children are suffering from horrible depression. In many homes around the world their children that are being abused, not only physically but also mentally. Parents are becoming very abusive towards their own children. As Brynfoski States, “Violence and trauma, including childhood abuse, sexual abuse, and intimate partner violence, are common in Canada.

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It is conservatively estimated that half of all Canadian women and one-third of Canadian men have survived at least one incidence of sexual or physical violence” (Bryfonski). Children are in more danger to being abused because they really cannot defend themselves. As on the article it exposes that “Although both boys and girls are affected by family violence, four out of five victims of family-related sexual assaults (79%) are girls” (Bryfonski). Girls are more commonly abused because they are sweeter, and very nice children compared to the boys.

It is interesting how more than halves are actually girls the ones that are being abused. Abused children are in more danger of becoming criminals or doing horrible things to themselves. As those children’s are growing up, some are in danger to become alcoholics. They would want to get rid of the past things that happened, and drinking is one of the main things they would do. Children are exposed to being drug addicts, due that they want to feel wanted and because of the drugs make them feel like they are not an embarrassment to others, or even their family members.

Girls are more exposed to violence and society influence because girls are more to remember the things that happened than the boys will (Family Violence). In many few cases, as children are being abused, they start changing their sex. Many of them could become homosexuals, because of what they went though. Children right now are going though very rough times of their childhood (Family Violence). In many places around the world children are getting their worst childhood of their life, they are not getting the right education they should get.

Young adults could easily get manipulated because they are young and they think that it is right. As Tamanarion, Diana, and Rachelle state in their article, “Children from ages 3-12 could be easily manipulated by their parents or family members” (Children Development). As those children are being manipulated, they start behaving different when they are in school. Acting that way could become a terrible situation. When children start getting manipulated at school, they start missing many days in school.

They do not like to be treated that way, so they rather start making up excuses to not go to school. As all that is happening, they start losing many days and they do not get all the education that they should get. Many kids, when going to school they start getting very ambitious to the best, or better that others (Children Development). Children could start changing their attitude, and other kids could be treating them bad. They start being very bad children, that as days go by they start losing their friends at school, and that makes them not want to go to school.

Those children start feeling uncomfortable surrounded by other kids. As years progress it is more common for children from ages 3-11 to get massive depression (Childhood Depression). Children in many countries are getting very bad depression. As on the article “Watch for childhood depression, “there is one main country getting bad child depression: Leading mental health experts are calling for school children to be screened for risk of mental illnesses such as depression and have devised a test that reliably identifies those at high risk.

Mental health problems are common in young people. About 10 per cent of children aged between 5 and 16 in Britain are assessed as having a mental disorder of some kind. The rates are likely similar in other Western industrialized countries (John Allemong). These children are taking a test that could detect if they are depressed or not. Many children refuse to take this test, or even their parents get a little affected by this, most of the time parents that know their children are depressed are the ones that deny for their kids to get the test (John Allemong).

This test can be easily done in a computer that is the easiest and fastest way for the doctors to find out if they are depressed or not (Allemong). Children are getting much depression because of various reasons, but the most common in alcoholic parents. Children of alcoholic parents are more likely for them to go through depression. Children are now suffering from this mental illness, and the problem is that they should not be going through that because of their parents. As Gabor explains in the article “Children of alcoholics suffer daily from not having parents who can meet their emotional needs.

Worse, their own expression of emotion is inhibited” (Mate). Many children need parents to be their for them in their side, but because they are alcoholic, those kids become very emotional to others. These type of children will do anything so they can get other peoples attention. Alcoholic parents will most likely make their own children go into depression, while most of the time the parents are going though the same thing. Depression could be led by many things, but it is most common when the parents are the ones that are going through depression too.

For many young children, their parents are everything to them, and when the parents are not in a stable way, those kids feel out of everywhere, and everyone else. As the article by Gabor declares “People who grow up like this will show excessive compassion for others and little for themselves. They can’t say no to others’ needs or yes to their own, a debilitating dynamic that can yield fatigue, stress and serious illness” (Mate). As children are growing up they start becoming different people, and start getting in to worse depression. They start getting very bad diseases, not only depression, but also many other mental illnesses.

This could lead to bad things for young children because they need to be in their best childhood of their life. All these illnesses that children get are more than usual. When growing up, it is most likely for the children to pass their illnesses to their own kids, if they have some. It could be very common that children with depression, do not form their own family due to the fact that all they do is be stuck at home, or even become homeless people (Mare). Children with depression really need to get some help, so that when they grow up they can be happy people, and make their family happy as well.

When asking most people when the best part of their life was, they commonly say their childhood. Yes that is what most of us will answer, but do we know what most of the children in this world are going though, Not many people now how children are being treated or how they are taking their own childhood. For most people their childhoods are not considering its best part of life. Children are being in danger of having many options to make their own childhood the worst. As us the parents, of people in the world, we really need to find a way to go out and try to help all the kids have their best childhood ever.

A person’s childhood should always be something that they will never forget. A person’s childhood will not always be the best to remember. As most kids are being abuse, or even treated very bad by their own parents, they will try their best to not remember their childhood. In this world, we are going though very bad and hard times, so children see what is going on and they feel very bad, and start getting very bad illnesses. How bad it is for many children around the world, Those children deserve to forever and always remember their childhood.