Children the mosque is the house of

Children of islam I would like to present the topic: The children of Islam. We will compare what are  the different  things that they do from religion to how they live and what are the different things they do compared to us.What are the religious rules that they need to follow in order to grow under the law of Holy Quran. Rights of childrenChildren must respect, love and have affection to their parents.Children have the right to be fed, clothed and to be protected by their parents. Childrens who are converted to Islam pray 5 times a day. Fathers must teach their children the Islamic belief.They have the right to have a healthy start of life.  Why do Muslim children sometimes get up early Muslim children get up early because they need to make their first pray before the sun rise (around 5 a.m.)After they have pried the fajr (the first pray of the day)they will wash their face to be clean and they will get ready for the day. Going to the mosqueWhen they hear the Iqam the obligatory prayer indicating that it is actually time to perform the prayer.( they should enter the mosque calmed and they should take their shoes off because the mosque is the house of Allah  where muslims come and pray and not only they should take off their shoes  but they should always be clean and clothes are mandatory.this is a mosque a mosque has alway two tower at the top There are 5 prayers that they must prayThe first one is the fajr and they pray it at 5;00 am     the second one is the duhr and they pray it a 12:06   after there is the asr and this prayer starts at  2:17pm  after there is the maghrib and this prayer stats at 4:37pm     and finally there is prayer isha and it start and 6:21pmRamadan of children So if you don’t  know what is ramadan  ramadan is a month in the islamic calendar that started the tuesday the 15 may and when you see the crescent moon of ramadan it means that the ramadan starts. And finishes the thursday 14 june. So if your a child they are not obliged to do ramadan but its good if they do it .In the month of ramadan it’s good that they  learned and read the quran, learn islamic knowledge ,give money to charity and help the people in need make lots of duaa, do extra prayers .  thinks you should not do during ramadanNo eating or drinking during daylight – no smoking at least try -no swearing during ramadan – no arguing or fighting avoided – and finally lower your gaze when they do the ramadan its good if you do extra good things like extra prayers and they always wash their faces and hands first before the prayer.this are the things they should do and not do in the holy month of ramadan.Raising a child in islamParents hold enormous responsibility on their child, like they need to keep their child clean and teach them good manners.However the grandparents are for steering their children’s upbringing according to the guidelines of the Quran and the Prophet  Muhammad.Children have the right, therefore, to be raised as responsible Muslim adults and parents must ensure that right appropriately. Parents must be conscious and take an active role .Dress code Muslim have different dress codes for different contexts. Conservative ideas of hijab require people to dress modestly both for outside and religious contexts. Clothing for everyday wear, inside and outside the house is different, and very much depends on the family. But the children until a certain age can be dressed normally .  Islam says that women should dress in a very special way. This dress code applies to women and adolescent girls, but not to children. Usually, women who travel to Islamic countries should also wear this .What children can and can’t eatThe Quran  tell Muslim and children not to eat pork, Muslim eat meat that is Halal this means that the animal was killed in a particular way and that a prayer was said when the animal was killed.