Charles taxidermy instead. As a second year

Charles Darwin, born February 12th 1809, in ´The Mount´,
home of his family, in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, was the fifth of six children.
His parents, society doctor Robert Darwin and financier Susannah Wedgwood were a wealthy
couple. His grandparents were two prominent abolitionists: Erasmus Darwin
(ancestor of his father) and Josiah Wedgwood (ancestor of his mother).


Both families had a strong chistian belief and both
were Unitarian, but Wedgwoods were converting to Anglicanism. His father had
him baptised in November 1809 in Church of St. Chad. Although that, he and his
siblings were attending Unitarian chapel with their mother.

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Charles was already interested in natural history in age
of 8. He began attending day school in 1817. His mother died in July of that
year. A year later he joined his brother Erasmus on Anglican school.


He spent summer of year 1825 as an appretince doctor in
Shropshire, where he was assisting his father with treatment of poor and
wounded. In October that year, he and his brother Erasmus were supposed to
begin attending University of Edinburgh Medical School (best medical school in
United Kingdom at the moment), but he found the lectures rather boring and
surgery as a distress, and thus neglected the school. He requested John
Edmonstone (black slave who obtained freedom) to lecture him about taxidermy


As a second year student, he joined Plinian Society
(a group of natural history students which was discussing and challenging
orthodox concepts of science). He learned about classification of plants and obtained
a job in University Museum which was one of the largest museums back then,
where he assisted with collections.


The fact that he neglected his studies annoyed his father
who sent him to Christ´s College in Cambridge to study arts for a title of
Bachelor. He began attending it only in year 1828 due to a delay as he was
found unworthy to do so. After he was accepted, he once again neglected his
studies and spent his time training riding and shooting instead. John Henslow became
his close friend and introduced him to other naturalists who whose view of
their scientific work was as if it was natural theology. He began studying not
long before the exams and still came out as tenth out of 178 candidates.


Darwin could
not leave Cambridge until later, so he decided to study natural theology. He
read a book about everything having been made by God, but was again
unsatisfyed with this explanation. Later, he read a book by John Herschel
briefly describing a really vain theory about evolution and adaptation
which awakens an extreme desire within him, to find out more about how
everything came to being