Charles imagination as “the vivid awareness of



Wright Mills(1916-1962) was an sociologist and one of his most notable work is
the “sociological imagination”.Mills defined sociological imagination as
“the vivid awareness of the relationship between experience and the wider
society.” Often historical and seemingly impersonal forces have an effect in
our daily lives. The sociological imagination helps us understand our personal
issues in the context of larger social issues. This means that we can look at
our personal problems and then connect them to larger problems in the society. sociological imagination assists us to differentiate between
“the personal troubles of milieu” and “the public issues of social
structure.” The personal troubles of milieu refer to the problems
faced by individuals in their own social environment. For example Bob is
unemployed, he can’t find a job and therefore cannot support himself which
requires him to stay with his family. For Bob the issue of not having a job and
money is personal which may result in depression. However, if you have
sociological imagination you may be able to see that the bigger issue is
unemployment. In that country/economy there may be millions of other people who
are jobless which rises from policy failure, recession or other economic issues,
this is referred as public issues of social structure.

Mills asked three questions in
order to understand sociological inmagination. 1) what is the structure of this particul society as a
whole. 2) where does this society stand in human history 3) what varieties of
men and women prevail in this society and in this period. People with
social imagination also ask questions like what problems are we facing at a
personal level? Are other people suffering from the same problems? Could the
problem be larger than the individual, as in, could it be the problem was
caused by forces which are particular to that society. The society we live in
is now more complex and intricate and and we are all connected to each other through
this society. Often times we feel very heavy with our everyday problems, sociological
imagination is an extremely important tool which helps us understand our problems
through a bigger lens and makes us feel less trapped.

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states, “Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be
understood without understanding both (personal troubles and public issues)”.
It basically means we need to understand how our society evolved over time and what
forces shaped our society may it be religion, war, politics or a plethora of
forces to understand our everyday life is being affected.