CHAPTER on us but now.. now everything



this is a dream, I never want to wake up.

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I know that it’s been 6 months since Sync asked me to marry him when we got
back together and honestly? memories of when he cheated on me still haunt me
even up to now but I just still can’t believe that I’m finally getting married
to the love of my life- To the father of my beloved son, My idol since day 1,
My other half, the last puzzle that completes me. We’ve been through ups and
downs to the extent that I almost gave up on us but now.. now everything is
just perfect. Maybe it’s time to let go of all the pain he has caused me in the
past and start anew and be stronger together. Perhaps this is the happy ending
that I’ve always been longing for.

planned, the wedding pushed through after Ate Corrine and Zeke’s wedding,
Sync’s former bandmates. All our friends were present, and gosh! Both our baby blue
and Sync looked really handsome! I’M THE LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! All our relatives and friends were there.. including Kevin.
He greeted me, “Congrats, Momo. I’m happy for you” but before I got a chance to
thank him, he suddenly disappeared. I could see the pain in his eyes. This
wedding must’ve really been painful for him.. Poor Kevin.. if it wasn’t for
Sync, I probably would’ve chosen him.

was still thinking about Kevin when Aila pulled me, “picture!”, she shouted and
so I posed for one and with Aila, we went straight to the pantry to meet my
husband. (I still am not used to calling him my husband, SQUEEEE!)

he is, standing with his black locks flowing, “I don’t deserve this”, I said to
myself. As soon as he saw me, he rushed over and hugged me tight. “I missed
you, Mrs. Mnemosyne” My heart skipped a beat when he said this. Soon baby blue
also ran to join the hug. I love this feeling, that feeling when you’re just
secure and certain of everything. Damn, I would do anything for my family.

day pretty much just passed by quickly and the next thing I knew, It was time
for Honeymoon.                   Just
like husband and wife, we made love but this time it was different- It was so
special, so intimate.           There was
a strong connection between us; He hugged me once more, “I will never let you
go; I love you, Momo” We then cuddled until we both fell asleep.























A year
has already passed since I became Mrs. Mnemosyne and recently, I’ve been
feeling really tired, nauseated, moody and.. fat. I bought a pregnancy test in
hopes that there would be a new addition to our family and BOOOM! I wasn’t
disappointed! I immediately went to Blue’s room to tell him the good news.. “I
will be a kuya? Yaaaaaaay!” He jumped
in sweet delight. “When?”, he asked. “Hmm.. In 9 month’s time… September.”, I
replied. “Is it going to be a baby brother or a baby sister?”, Blue asked once
again. “I don’t know yet, Blue. We will have to wait for a few weeks before we
find out.”, I stated.  I grabbed my phone
to tell Aila the good news. “OH MY GOSH!”, she shrieked. “I know right! Are you
ready to be a ninang again? Prepare
your gifts for my children, ninang!”,
I joked. “I am! The question is, are YOU ready to raise another child and by
the way, have you told Sync yet”?, she asked. “Umm… not yet, actually. I’ll
tell him as soon as he gets home.” “Wait, he still isn’t home yet? It’s getting
pretty late you know..”, Aila followed. “Yeah, for the past year he has really
been busy with work so he gets home really, really late.”


that hit me. For the past year, we haven’t had enough time to bond with our
family. He’s so busy with work that I’m the only one who takes care of the
house and Blue. Even during vacations, he’s so occupied that only I and Blue go
on trips to enjoy the vacations. Well, I can’t blame him. I don’t have any work
so he has the obligation to ensure that his family is provided with a good
living. But still, it doesn’t hurt to have some quality time with your family,
right? “I’ll call you later, Aila. I’ll just check up on Sync.” I hung up and
called Sync but his number was busy. It’s 10pm, I’ll call him later. He must
have a lot of work.


woke up to the sound of Sync’s car entering the garage. I checked the time;
It’s already past 2 a.m.      I ran
downstairs to greet him. “Sorry, I slept. Have you eaten yet? I tried calling
you a while ago but you didn’t answer, I was worried. Where have you been?”, I
asked. “Yeah, I ate out with my colleagues. Go back to sleep, sorry for keeping
you worried.”, He replied. “Actually, I have something important to tell you.”,
I said. “Could we just talk this over in the morning? I’m really tired right
now.”, He said in reply. “But.. it’s really important. Just please listen to
me..” I pleaded. “I already said I’m tired. Why are you so pushy?’, he said in
reply. “No.. it’s for us.. This will only be quick, Okay? Just listen to me for
a while.”, I once again insisted. “Why are you so selfish?! Well, you’re not
doing anything for our family anyway. For once, can’t you just understand me
and not think only about yourself as if you’re single?!”, he shouted. “But…”, I
muttered. He then said, “I’ll get some rest now”, and went straight upstairs. I
did my best to hold back my tears- It’s for the sake of the life inside of me
anyway.. But I couldn’t resist. I laid down on the couch and cried myself to
sleep.. Sorry, baby.















3- T-R-O-U-B-L-E takes over


next morning, I woke up much more tired and drained as usual, I was feeling
extremely nauseated so I vomited and became really weak. I checked the clock; WAIT
WHAT?! It’s already 7:30 in the morning! Sync and Blue will be leaving in 10
minutes! I hurriedly ran downstairs and found both Sync and Blue already ready and
good to go. “I’m sorry.. I wasn’t feeling good..”, I mumbled. “Let’s go, Blue.
I’m dropping you off at school.”, Sync told Blue while not giving any attention
to my apology, and straightly went to the front door. “Goodbye mom, I hope you’ll
feel better.”, Blue said while hugging me tightly. “Sync, there’s really
something important I need to tell you”, I said while running after them but they
left with Sync slamming the door shut right in front of me.. For the second
time, I still wasn’t able to tell him about the new life inside me, our future child.
Oh well, maybe I’ll get the chance when he comes home after work though.


went back and sat at the dining table, still feeling tired and broken and
noticed that Sync left his lunchbox. I got the idea to see him and provide food
for him since I wasn’t able to earlier. Excited, I checked the fridge to see
what’s inside and quickly made food for him. Afterwards, I took a bath and went
to his office.


I entered
the office and to my shock.. what I witnessed was my husband, the one I love
the most, naked and having sex with.. with Mackenzie. The one he picked and
replaced me with back then. Warm tears of both anger and extreme sadness came
rushing through my eyes. I dropped his lunch box and ran outside. I continued running
to the extent that I no longer care whether I get hit by a car or get lost. Right
now, I’m helpless. My whole world just crashed.


I ran
straight towards a park and just knelt down and cried… I wanted to be alone,
but I knew I wasn’t. I heard people singing so I walked slowly and just listened
with the crowd. But the music suddenly stopped, “Momo?”, someone said. This
voice… is so familiar. “Momo!” I slowly opened my eyes and saw Kevin holding the
mic staring at me while people look at me in disgust. Oh boy, this is too much
trouble for a day.