Chapter agent is education. It enhances people




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           This section attends as a preliminary fragment
of the study. It arrange for the problem                and background of information of
the study, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, significance of the
study, specific objectives of the research, research questions and the
definitions of the terms and conditions.

1.1  Problem and background of the study

        Education is the
process of changing behavior of individual towards certain objectives. The
programs of teaching and learning are apprehensive with it the quick change of
our society.

     The new technologies need for the
development of the education system. The importance of education has increasing
in the global world and which is developing us every walk of life. The aim of
education is not only acquisition new knowledge and developing skills, it
focuses that the children should be prepare for social responsibility and to
meet the challenges which they face certain times.

  Education is conventional as a basic right of
all society members. It is clear that the growth of state is significantly
depends on the progress of education.  The
sustainable development towards conversion the primary agent is education. It
enhances people capability to convert their revelation for civilization into
realism. All countries have sustainable development struggle for quality

 At several level of education, the education quality
depends on numerous factors for instance: facilities of schools, qualifications
of teachers, inspiration of teachers, administration and management, and the
rest. More ever, a typical school is a school where; student respect their
peers, their instructor and their school organization: they have a right for
the creation resolution, are busy and paying attention in their education;
accept responsibility also receiving support and advice from their teachers and
feel appreciated.     

 More ever, if the arrangement of education is
not modernized on usual foundation and it develop into old formed, then
students will not be proficient and it will influence the development of the
country. Strong classifications of education supply a hard support on which the
growth of a country is completed. The mainly significant object is the standard
of education, which help out students to stay updated with the most up-to-date
growth in all regions of life and subject.

 On the other hand, in Pakistan the standard of
education in not being up to dated since we are distant at the rear to the
highly developed country of the globe that stay updated and create modification
In their educational courses with the progression of the contemporary period.
There are numerous causes of that and for the most part significant among the usual
gaps the courses are not being modernized and the next significant cause is
that there is no research occupied in the educational actions of pupils. Presently,
research is not an element of school courses in anticipation of the
intermediate stage and in a number of cases in anticipation of the graduation
stage. Students leave behind level of master’s course with no burden of appropriate
research in the least exacting area of their subject. The developments of
education standard these mutually cause play an essential position and both of
them are very significant. Furthermore, in Pakistan, the Higher Education
Commission (HEC) needs to formulate such alter inside the educational courses
which compel learner to perform research which force compose them competent and
well-informed in the actual intelligence.

     Learners begin research as rapidly as they
go through into collage, in all above highly developed nation state of the
globe. Learners are hand over through different assignments to comprehensive
which facilitate them in construction a good quality understanding support ahead
of the shift addicted to graduate stage. Research must exist made an obligatory
element of the educational course. In Pakistan, it has been converted into
necessary to bring up to date and evaluate the courses at university stage and
collage stage. Not have of research create the standard of education traditional,
and we are missing far-off at the rear in research in nearly all region of life
which outcome of unfashionable. Unluckily, the pupils comprise exist bring in
the twice standards of edification, into Pakistan. The frits solitary is, a conclusion
of private financier and the next single, which overcome all through the state
is connected to government sectors.   

    1.2. Statement of the problem:

There is a straight correlation among
students learning in private and public secondary schools, teacher’s classroom
performance, behavior of the students, teaching quality and the student’s
academic performance. It seems that there is an excessive problematic in public
secondary schools in their pupils’ academic performance.  The students learning in public secondary
schools are most probable to implement poorly in their classrooms academic
performance. Moreover, some studies counter this situation by proposing that
there are no relations among pupils’ academic performance and pupils being in
studying in public secondary schools. The previous outlooks are that pupils
from public secondary school can as well accomplish well intellectually in classrooms.
The Studies on the aspects reasons for improved pupils’ academic performance
used by private secondary schools to improve teacher’s classroom performances
and pupils’ academic performance are exact insufficient.

    1.3. Purpose of the study:

study aims at comparing standard of education of public and private secondary                                 schools of turbat
district kech. It also inaugurates the students’ performance, student’s
behavior, methods of teaching, schools facilities and find out the reasons of
teachers        absenteeism.

   1.4. Research objectives:

(1)   To
compare the standard of education of both public and private schools.

(2)   To
investigate the causes of the fast growth of public and private schools.

(3)   To
evaluate the education level of teachers, method of teaching and facilitation
of both public and private schools.

(4)   To
examine the causes of teacher absenteeism of both public and private


    1.5. Research questions:

(1)    Are the private schools providing standard
education as compared to public schools?

(2)    What are the causes of
quick growth of private schools?

(3)    What are the education level of teachers,
teaching method and facilitation of both schools public and private?

(4)   What
are the causes of teacher absenteeism of both schools public and private?

       1.6. Significance of the study:

The findings from this study will
be useful:

In the direction of turbat
secondary school administrators, the results of the study will help them to found
how to improve quality in their education.

In the direction of education
organizers, the study results will support them find out how school resources
play a significant role in the learning/teaching procedure and improve to student’s

In the direction of parents and
guardians, the study results will guide them in recognizing motive why they
must search for quality education instead of some other motivation to register
their children in such and such secondary schools.

In the direction of the government
and other policy producers, the study results will provide information the
discrimination in education and they will also disclose to them that this
discrimination is not only closed by setting fundamental examinations but also
by bearing in mind other influences.

of the terms and condition:


     An institution where instruction is given
to the students formally, build the knowledge and skills of individuals.


 An institute that is continued at public expenditure
for the education of the kids of a c community or area. And that establishes a
part of an organization of free public education usually counting primary and
secondary schools.


institute originated, directed and conserved by a private collection slightly
than by the government, frequently indicting tuition and regularly ensuing a
specific idea, philosophy, etc.


institute intermediate among elementary institute and college and frequently
contribution overall, practical, occupational, or college-preparatory



Capabilities and aptitudes of a
teacher resolute by their prerequisite, understanding and style of transfer throughout
the learning/teaching procedure.  


A noble quality education is one
that offers all students with aptitudes they necessitate to develop carefully creative,
improve supportable maintenances, donate to peaceable and independent civilizations
and improve individual well-being.


 School equipment and
materials used to felicitates the learning teaching process.


methods involves the ethics and procedures used by instructors to support pupils
learning. These plans are determined comparatively on subject matter to be
taught and comparatively by the nature of the student.


preparation of frequently staying away from effort or school without good










               Chapter two:

        Literature review:


section presents an analysis of related literature that is connected to the
study on the secondary schools standard education. It discusses theoretical background
of school standard of education whereby systems theory and the standard of excellence
regulate with guarantee at the secondary level of education conducted the
study. It also carries experimental studies conducted formerly on education
standard between public and private secondary schools. The premeditated significance
of secondary education is observed, and last of all, the knowledge gap is recognized. 

Overview of the chapter:

    It would
not stay incorrect to declare that the standard of education of any nation is
mainly reliant on the standard of public schools in the nation. Basically put,
public schools are the indexes by which a region’s educational progression and expansion
is measured. Beforehand public schools were more standard since they had punishment,
good services and good instructor. They were appeared by students regardless of
their collective session and socio-economic experience in the civilization. One
of the compensations of quick publicity of pupils to others since not the same
socio-economic contextual is that it imparts them in what way to become
alongside with publics. Those days, kids of parents from not the same commercial
levels would join equal public schools, study and perform together. This
initial introduction facilitated the kids of the annoying to stand familiar
through particular of the adversity practiced by persons who remained from poor
houses and taught in them a composed standpoint to lifecycle. Persons of the
poor would similarly be seated close-fitting to education, trusting that
condition they do so; they would be as rich as their colleagues’ parents and
would not go complete their current problems. There were smooth reasons wherever
various rich parents would engage in the preparation of the friends of their kids’
while their parents remained incapable to endure their study.

According to u.Christopher (2006),   public schools are a follower of pardon they
recycled to stand. The investigation and education public is separated on the discussion
whether private schools obligate changed to greatest public schools in positions
of excellence of instruction and education, school correction and organization.  The broader civilization is seemingly
concerned if private school is substance the currency it charges and if public
schools need pardon it receipts to harvest well cultivated, well-organized
early grown-ups.

over the world, numerous investigation studies ensure exist lead to compare the
numerous features of public and private schools. The standard education is an essential
and inescapable cause for modification as education is a procedure of refinement
and growth. The problem of descent of standard in education in Pakistan, particularly
debility in standard of secondary education was the refrain of the day. The
major purpose of the research
was to compare the standard of education in public and private schools of

2.2. Differences between public and private
academic system:

      Education plays a supreme part in expansion
and progression this unquestionably belligerent and globalize sphere. In
different emerging nations for example, Pakistan there is an unexpected necessity
to improve the education structure for growth and progression. Education is energetic
in formulating the individual in addition to it is dominant in increasing inevitability
and self-centeredness among the individuals and to brand mindfulness between
the individuals to identify their shares and privileges in the overall public.
An authorization since the emerging states establishes that education is rotating
into standout among the greatest tools castoff to involve females and make flexibility
inside the civilization. The education division of Punjab consumes a remarkably
serious consequence on the overall budget of Pakistan. The education level of
the Punjab is greatly advanced if we difference it with other areas. The highest
objective is to recognize the problems and concerns challenged by the pupils learning
in government schools. There is a great difference among public and private
academic system. Conversely, let’s obligate a look on the problems encountered
by public school students.

         Public schools provide admittance to everybody.
By regulation, government supported schools requirement inculcate all children,
including pupils with extraordinary wishes. To select in a government supported
school just recruit the children through turning available the essential form-filling.
On the other hand, private schools don’t propose admittance to everybody. They
are exact round it. They are not dedicated to admit every single child, and many
instruction founded schools confirmation particularly motivated.

                 Public schools requirement
take next totally government, national and immediate rules in teaching children.
Such rules commonly integrate detailed around supporting, project development
and educational database. While, private schools are not matter to the identical
amount of national and government rules as government supported schools. Meanwhile
non-public schools are funded separately; they are not issue to the imprisonments
of public preparation strategy and have more chance in development educational database
and standard.

       Public schools compromise an overall
project, proposed for the whole thing children, which frequently comprises mathematics,
English, examining, transcribed effort, science, history and physical guidelines.
All the same these main themes, various governments supported schools compromise
databases in composition and artistry. In a public subsidized school, the constituent
of pardon children study is directed by the national and education is dignified
through national government authorized examinations. Alternatively, private
schools require the flexibility to create a detailed organization for replacements.
Working example, instruction constructed schools may consume workmanship or
science as a portion of completely classes, or proceeds children on intensified
external visits that assortment instructions concluded the educational component.
Instruction founded schools characteristically create their educational sequencers
and assessment contexts, although numerous people as well choose to develop ceremonial
authorized examinations.

        In public schools, all teachers in
government supported schools are naturally public declared or, in any event, affecting
in the bearing of documentation. Authorization guarantees that a teacher has absent
from side to side the training required by the government, which integrates replacement
presentation and project. In contrast, in private schools, teacher in private
schools might not be appreciative to have diploma, and slightly often have
branch of information capacity and an undergrad or graduate degree in the
subject they instruct.

      In public schools, the children at supreme
government supported schools usually reproduce the group. Pupils might be part
up absorbed about capability or alterations, up till now in various government supported
schools, there is a mixed quality of pupil’s underpinning. The student strong
point in private school is determined over strength of mind transmutes; all pupils
requirement spread over and be recognized with an exact end objective to enthusiasm
to. In meanness of the statistic that pupils might be since various regions,
they will probably have similar purposes and relaxations. This has a propensity
to create a sincerely regular replacement figure.

2.3. Problems in government and public
academic system:

Problems concerning

Discrimination in
education standards

Unobtainability of

Safety and security

Teachers are not as
much accommodating

Estate fewer

Not sensible teaching

Incomplete course

Favoritism in paper

Supervisors are not
reasonable though checking papers


Absence of technical

Not politely prepared

Advanced utilization
in sessions

There is no arrangement
of directing intelligence quotient quizzes in public academic system

A large number of
students face pick and drop problems

Conventional/ circumscribed

Absence of connotation
among students and teachers in addition to no network

Nepotism problem

are smaller libraries in the public academic system                                   

Teacher’s emphasis
is additional on bookish information that is not a good symbol for pupils

Hygienic issues

Inappropriate procedure
of potentials

Mismanagement is a
common issue

2.4. Theoretical perspective of the study:

 Attribution theory (weiner, 1980, 1992) quoted
in weiner, B.  (2000) maybe the best significant
modern theory with suggestions for academic inspiration. It includes behavior
adjustment in the sense that it highlights the impression that students are strappingly
encouraged by the enjoyable consequence of being capable to composition respectable
around themselves. It integrates reasoning theory and self-efficacy theory in
the intellect that it give emphasis to that student’s existing self-perceptions
will powerfully effect the behaviors in which they will understand the accomplishment
or disappointment of their existing determinations and therefore their forthcoming
affinity to achieve these identical comportments.

As stated by
attribution theory, the clarification that people have a tendency to create to clarify
achievement or disappointment can be investigated in positions of three groups
of features:

Frist, the source
of the achievement or disappointment can be internal or external. That is, we can
be successful or be unsuccessful for the reason that of influences that we consider
obligate their source surrounded by us or because of features that invent in
our surroundings.

Subsequent, the reason
of the achievement or disappointment can be both constant and unbalanced. If we
have confidence in reason is established, at that moment the consequence is probable
to be the identical if we accomplish the equal performance on alternative circumstance.
If it is unbalanced, the consequence is probable to be changed on alternative circumstance.

Succeeding, the source
of the accomplishment or disappointment can be both manageable and unmanageable.
A manageable influence is one which we consider ourselves may adjust if we desire
to prepare so. An unmanageable influence is one that we prepare not consider we
may simply modify.

An imperative hypothesis
of attribution theory is that individuals will understand their surroundings in
such an approach to conserve a confident self-perception. That is to say, they willpower
attribute their achievements or disappointments to influences that determination
facilitate them to composition practically conceivable around themselves. As a
general rule, this means that when students are successful at a hypothetical assignment,
they are to be expected to want to attribute their disappointment to influences
over which they have no regulator, for example corrupt instruction or bad luck.

The elementary standard
of attribution theory as it spread over to inspiration is that a individual’s specific
sensitivities or acknowledgments for achievement or disappointment regulate the
quantity of determination the individual willpower spend on that movement in
the upcoming. There are four influences connected to attribution theory that effect
inspiration in education, aptitude, assignment struggle, strength, and luck.  On the foundation of this theory the study recommend
that learner’s behavior and the students’ performance is strong-minded by the nature
of schools.