Change my reports as per the description

Change Champion (1.1)

In my role, my main interaction with change is
through communications.  I am often
involved in communicating changes in policy/pratices to staff.  An example of this can be seen below when the
new interview format is discussed.

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Credible Activist (1.1)

I am often required to produce headcount reports
in different formats, as required by the firm. 
Often, these reports are required when our firm is submitting tendors
for new business.  I must be adaptable,
and arrange my reports as per the description required in the tendor.


3. Provide examples of where you have used at
least two project management techniques within an HR context (2.1)

The British Standard for Project Management
(1996) defned project management as:

‘The planning, monitoring and control of all
aspects of a project and the motivation of all those involved in it to achieve
the project objectives on time and to the specified cost, quality and

Identifying and analysing suitable vendors for a
new recruitment system (2.1)

Shortly after i was successful in obtaining the
HR role that I desired at Deloite, my manager gave me the opportunity to work
on a project which involved identifying and analysing the suitability of new
recruitment systems.  I was selected for
this project because of my previous 
experience working as a recruitment consultant, and my experience in
sheduling and coordinating interview time slots while working in the
administration role at  Deloitte.  

My manager explained the rationale behind
purchasing a new recruitment system, the reason why I was selected for the
group, and the rationale behind the project overall.  She taught me the imortance of understanding
‘why’ I was going to engage in the work. 
This correlates with Brown et al. (2013) who maintain that if a person
does not know why they are doing a project, the chances of the project goals
being accomplished are lessened.

Before I met with representives from different
recruitment system providers, I was tasked with devising a plan of action.

After I established the key functions that the
ideal recruitment system should be able to do, I identified Wysocki’s (2003)
‘adaptive’ project management framework as the most suitable in order to select
the correct system.  Correlating with the
theories presented by Wysocki: I identfied what the key users would need from
the system, and identified potential obstacles (E.g some functions may be
over-budget).  The identification of
potential obstacles to be avoided, also correlates with work by Halvorson
(2014) who include the importance of identifying these barriers.

To complete this project, we adapted a thought
process similar to ‘Murphys Law’ as presented 
by Forsyth (2010, p.9): “If something can go wrong or turn out inconveniently
it will”.

After fees had been agreed, the new recruitment
system was installed onto the IT systems in Deloitte.  This meant that both recruitment agencies and
direct applicants could log into a portal, and submit CV’s directly to the
internal recruiter who was looking after each respective role.  Following a brief screening by the internal
recruiter, the CV would then be transferred (within the system) to the hiring