Cezmi identifies the corpse of her husband,

Cezmi Kara:

He is the protagonist of the
novel. The story starts with that he witnesses a murder at a train station where
he comes to go back to ?stanbul, after attending his father`s funeral ceremony.
After that, he decides to go to the police station, and bear his testimony.
During the procedure progress, Cezmi Kara is accused by being one of the
members of a crime enterprise. Personally, everything happens out of them, and
he is just following the steps that life designate for him, without
unquestioningly. Even through the ends of the novel, when the Warden who
accompanies him to his house after his testimony, orders Cezmi to follow
himself, he does it although he is not aware of why he has to do
that(Pirselimo?lu, 114).

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The most distinctive
characteristics of Cezmi Kara are that he always hides behind his home and
sleeping to escape from oppressiveness of life and feel in safe, plus
disinterest to what is going on in the country and his life. For the first
characteristic, in the end of the 9th chapter, he sees a tank that pass through
the street tumultuously, and then “H?zl? ad?mlarla evine yolland?. Bir an önce
sedire uzanmak istiyordu./ He turned his way to his home quickly. He was in a
hurry to go to the ottoman”(Pirselimo?lu, 75)

For the other one, when he
is in the court, judge asks him ” Memleketin gidi?at? hakk?nda ne diyorsun? …
Hükümet, millet , asker? Memleket? / What do you think about the country`s
situation? … Government, people, soldiers? The country?” (Pirselimo?lu,
226,227), but he could say nothing. And in the end, finally, Cezmi Kara thinks
of questioning what is going on, but the Murderer replies him ” Çok geç bir
soru de?il mi bu ? Senin bu haline hayret ediyorum. Bu soruyu niye bu kadar geç
sormaya ba?lad?n/ Was not it too late to ask such a question? I am astonishing
to you. Why did you start to ask this question, so late?”(Pirselimo?lu,
237,238), and, unsurprisingly, he says nothing.


She is the wife of the
murdered man at the train station. After Cezmi Kara identifies the corpse of
her husband, one day, she comes to his home for giving duplicate keys of the
home to Cezmi, introduces herself, and asks some questions about what happened
at that night, and has he known her husband before, or not in accordance with
the eighth chapter of the book. 
Apparently, she is not very upset for his husband`s death. She is seen
with the Murderer a few times. Towards the end of the story, the author gives
information about her husband and herself.

She was the nurse of Cezmi
Kara`s father in his last days, and she found his father`s body under the fig
tree in the garden (Pirselimo?lu, 58, 61).

Mahmut Küçük:

He is the murdered man at
the train station. As it is told in the Chapter 24, he had a rough time. His
father did not like him, may be, the reason is that his mother`s death after
giving birth to him. He ruined up all jobs that he got into, and then his last
destination was a fair in the small town where he lived, thanks to the
motorcyclist. While he was working at the fair, he fell in love with a woman,
so he chased her till a honky tonk where she goes. She asks why he chases her,
and then understands the reason. Later, they get marry, make love at night,
however, the next morning the young woman, probably she is Meryem, leaves him.
He has been looking for her for years. Finally, he sees her at a train station,
while she is talking with a man. And then, she goes somewhere else, when he
runs after her and about to catch, he is shot from behind.

Dwarf Barber, Commander, Butcher, Murderer, Motorcyclist:

Dwarf, Commander, and
Butcher were knowing Cezmi`s father well. Author always implies that they are
suspiciousness. One day, Butcher invites him to an hotel, and three of them,
inludes Butcher, ask questions to him about the day of murdering. When they
were leaving out of the hotel, actually they were running, saw some tanks
passing through the street, they were trying to hide from something.

Dwarf has been killed after
a while, for an unknown reason. According to the Chapter 24, he was one of the
members of a syndicate, includes him, a Butcher, an Officer who is working at
the civil registration office, a fireman, a muezzin, and a soldier. And, he had
a big role in the case of raping a little girl. But, Mahmut Küçük was accused
of being their fellows, although he had no relationship with
them.(Pirselimo?lu, 181)

Cezmi Kara knew the
Motorcyclist from his childhood. After years, he entrusts a Little Mermaid
Girl, who Cezmi knows her from the childhood, to Cezmi Kara, for an unknown
reason again.

Murderer was always
encountering with Cezmi in somewhere. In his father`s shop, at the train
station, or in Cezmi Kara`s house.

Flat Characters: The
Prosecutor, Judge, Muezzin, Corpulent Guy at the Hotel, Overly Brunette Guy.