Cell Phone Use in School Essay

Cell Phones in School are Unnecessary We all know that technology is evolving at a very fast pace. If we make good use of all the technology surrounding us, it can help us gain knowledge and facilitate our everyday lives in many different ways. Although some electronic devices can come in handy, many times they contribute to distractions and interfere with learning. A good example of technology gone bad is the use of cell phones in schools. The privilege of being allowed a cell phone during school hours is being abused by many students. Cell phones should be disallowed in school campus.

One of the reasons schools should disallow cell phones on campus is because their texting capability has a very negative affect, especially when it comes to starting or spreading rumors. According to the National School Safety and Security Services “The issues of text messaging in particular, and cell phones in general, were credited with often creating more anxiety and panic than any actual threats or incidents that may have triggered the rumors. ” Rumors are more easily spread and can be a lot more detailed when being sent through a text message. Inappropriate images are very often sent and many times hurt other students.

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This can have a lot of consequences and increase the amount of bullying, fights and fear. Students are abusing the cell phone use and often causing disruptions in school or in other people’s lives. Another reason why cell phones should be disallowed in school campus is because many students do not follow the cell phone rules, or limits set by the administration. Some students take advantage of this privilege and use cell phones during class, as well as during testing. Teachers in Earl Wooster High School have confiscated student’s cell phones during class session or during tests because they caused disruption or are used for cheating.

The most efficient solution to this problem would be prohibiting cell phones in school campus. Lastly, there are many students who claim that cell phones should be allowed in school campus because they come in handy during emergency situations. The truth is that every school provides many ways to contact family during an emergency situation in school. According to the National School Safety and Security Services “The use of cell phones by students during a bomb threat, and specifically in the presence of an actual explosive device, also presents a greater risk for potentially detonating the device. Parents and students can contact each other when necessary through a school phone in the office. This way, family can stay in contact and the use of cell phones will not threat school safety. Cell phones are more disruptive than helpful when allowed in schools. The three arguments shared above conspicuously demonstrate how negative cell phones can be when not used properly in the appropriate place. Banning cell phones in school can greatly reduce the acts of bullying and cause less distraction during classes and testing.