Cause and Effect Essay

A claim of cause and effect is where someone seeks to argue a cause and effect relationship about a specific idea or topic. In other words, it is the idea that one item causes another to happen. Your claim must be something that is arguable by today’s standards, meaning something that is still debatable. For example, claims of cause and effect are used in warning labels of products: [pic] This warning label is still a debatable topic about smoking possibly causing Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and even complicating pregnancy.

Because there is a risk that smoking can cause the list of these items, it is placed on the cigarette packaging and is required by the FDA. We see warning labels on many products today, and these labels are all claims that whatever the items might be that they can cause something else. Another example of claim of cause and effect is found in the argument of Facebook ruining marriages, which was a study ABC news conducted in May 2012.

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The claim is the Facebook causes marriages to be ruined. The article is says, “A third of all divorce filings in 2011 contained the word ‘Facebook,” according to Divorce Online. And more than 80 percent of U. S. divorce attorneys say social networking in divorce proceedings is on the rise, according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (Lupkin). ” This is a valid claim of cause and effect because it is supported by researched data and is recent study.

A claim of cause and effect is controlled by the rhetorical situation for several reasons. One influence of the rhetorical situation is the purpose, if you are trying to persuade or inform an audience, the claim of cause and effect can help demonstrate a point or argument. Depending on your rhetorical situation, the claim of a cause and effect relationship between two topics can help you clearly demonstrate you point of view or argument towards a subject.