Cats… The Dalton’s have a cat, no

Cats… Cat’s are weird, they represent many things. They could mean bad luck, they could mean good luck, who knows? But in Native Son, Wright uses the cat as a symbol to make awkwardness and fear to  Bigger in this white society. It all starts off as Bigger starts an interview at his new job at the Daltons, people that even Bigger fears. They’re powerful and wealthy, but unlike others, they “accept” blacks. The Dalton’s have a cat, no name at all, it’s just known as the cat. The cat gazes at Bigger every now and then and even at the most important moments, the cat’s gaze is like falling into the abyss. That abyss is the white society Bigger is trapped in. Bigger feels awkward and insecure, he feels fear! It goes to the point where Bigger accidentally murders Mary Dalton. His awkwardness expresses his actions in weird ways, basically, the cat killed Mary.     Let’s be real, a white cat doesn’t sound as scary a black cat. Correct me if I’m wrong but I know everyone’s heard that coming from a black cat is bad luck, but the Dalton’s cat… that’s just something else. Darkness in disguise. Surprisingly, white cats are bad luck but in England. There’s a superstition that white cats at night show a sign bad luck at night. The cat makes Bigger feel very insecure, but for Bigger’s sake, he just sees the cat as a regular cat. “Then he was stone-still; the white cat bounded past him and leaped upon the desk; it sat looking at him with large placid eyes and mewed plaintively.”(Page 47)”He hated himself at that moment. Why was he acting and feeling this way? He wanted to wave his hand and blot out the white man who was making him feel this. If not that, he wanted to blot himself out. “(Page 47)With the help of the cat, Richard Wright foreshadows Mary’s death. The reactions of Bigger the cat, being stone stilled explains his reaction when Mrs. Dalton walks into the room and perceives what he’s done. The cat’s placid eyes metaphorically represent Bigger. Bigger has no conscience, he feels no guilt whatsoever after murdering Mary. “(of a person or animal) not easily upset or excited.”(Google) This cat’s stare is literally the abyss. Its meow was described as plaintive, “sounding sad and mournful.”(Google) This meow isn’t directed to Bigger, it’s directed to the Dalton’s. What they experience and feel after Mary’s death, even to Jan too. Jan goes through hell trying to get to the truth.     Bigger is extremely good at hiding all emotion and feelings, just like Apasara, ugh… She makes me go to hell, but once you accept the true feelings you can’t hold back, Bigger will hate himself, and Apasara will love me.