Case Study Conducted for ABC Inc. Concerning the Campus Recruiters Deficiencies Essay

Mr. Carl Robins is currently encountering several issues in his new role as the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. Mr. Robins was hired in at ABC Inc. and has been with the company approximately six months when he was tasked to hire 15 new trainees. These new trainees are to work for Monica Carrolls, who is the operations supervisor of ABC Inc. Mr. Robins has run into several issues during the hiring process of these 15 individuals. Ms. Carrolls has also neglected to follow up with Mr. Robins to ensure he was accomplishing the task that had been assigned to him.

The largest problem is Mr. Robins is unprepared for orientation; he failed to notice that several trainees’ applications were incomplete, several trainees’ files were missing transcripts, and mandatory drug screenings were not completed on any of the new trainees. In addition to those problems Mr. Robins needs 15 completed orientation manuals, and he has not found a reasonable place to hold orientation for the new trainees. As we analyze this situation, we will observe issues that Mr. Robins has had, training issues within the company, and lack of mentoring by his management.

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Background Mr. Robins is the ABC Inc. ’s new campus Recruiter who has been on-the-job for approximately six months. In April Ms. Carrolls, the operations supervisor tasked Mr. Robins with hiring her 15 new trainees and set up orientation for them. Mr. Robins successfully hired all 15 trainees and scheduled orientations for the new trainees on June 15. On May 15 Ms. Carrolls contacted Mr. Robins because she was concerned about several issues and if these issues would be resolved before orientation. Mr. Robins ensured Ms. Carrolls that the issues will be resolved. After Memorial Day Mr.

Robins decided to make sure he was ready for orientation on June 15. Upon reviewing the new trainees’ files, he found that some of the trainees had incomplete applications and were missing transcripts. Mr. Robins also discovered that none of the trainees had completed their mandatory drug screening. Mr. Robins reviewed the orientation manuals and found only three copies that had missing pages. Mr. Robins needs 15 new orientation manuals for the new trainee’s orientation. The last thing Mr. Robins did was check the availability of the training room to hold his orientation.

Mr. Robins found that Mr. Joe booked the training room for the whole month of June, including the 15th. Key Problems ABC Inc. has several issues that need to be addressed and resolved immediately. The first Concern is why Ms. Carrolls did not follow-up more with her new employee Mr. Robins. I want to know what steps Ms. Carrolls took to ensure Mr. Robins understood and carried out his duty that was assigned to him. Did Mr. Robins receive any training when he was hired on to ABC Inc.? The Second concern I have is Mr.

Robin’s lack of time management and poor planning skills. This left him under prepared and not ready for orientation on June 15th. Mr. Robins had no organized plan to ensure all paperwork was included and completed for the new trainees. Mr. Robins should have caught uncompleted application and missing transcripts during the hiring process. In addition, he neglected to reserve the training room for the new employee’s orientation on June 15th. The last step that I find is very concerning for ABC Inc. is that none of the 15 trainees completed a mandatory drug test screening.

It is very prudent that drug tests be accomplished as soon as possible upon hiring any new trainees for ABC Inc. This will help ensure ABC Inc. that they choose the right candidates for the job. To ensure the company receives results of the drug test before orientation this test needs to be accomplished by all 15 trainees within the next couple days. Alternatives Mr. Robins is extremely behind and unprepared, but he is still capable of remedying this situation by the June 15th deadline. My alternative solution is that Ms. Carrolls needs to monitor Mr.

Robin’s daily progress to ensure Mr. Robins meets the June 15th dead line. Mr. Robins needs to contact all trainees today who are missing transcripts or have incomplete applications to either bring in, e-mail, or fax their transcripts and completed applications to him. Mr. Robins needs also to contact all new trainees and have them schedule their mandatory drug test before the end of the week. By doing this there may be a chance the drug test are back before the day of orientation. Mr. Robins needs to go talk to Mr. Joe as soon as possible to see if there is anyway Mr.

Robins can use the training room for that day. If Mr. Joe can not make the training room available, Mr. Robins needs to find a new location for the orientation to take place. The last step Mr. Robins needs to do is obtain 15 completed orientation manuals for the orientation. Proposed Solution To allow ample time for Mr. Robins to complete his assigned duties, my proposed solution is to move the orientation from June 15 to July 1st. This will allow ample time for Mr. Robins to ensure all trainees have completed files, including completed application and transcripts within their file. Mr.

Robins can ensure that all mandatory drug tests are completed by all trainees, and the results are back before orientation day. Furthermore by moving the orientation date this will allow Mr. Robins enough time to find a space that he can conduct orientation in. It is readily apparent to me that there was lack of follow-up on Ms. Carrols’s part. Ms. Carrolls needs to ensure that she follows up with Mr. Robins’s job performance throughout the duration of his assigned task she gave him. Mr. Robins is Ms. Carrolls’s responsibility because she assigned this task to him and is Mr. Robins’s supervisor. Ms.

Carrolls also needs to ensure Mr. Robins has all required training for the current position he holds at the company, and he understands everything about the task that are assigned to him. I also propose that ABC Inc. needs to review Mr. Robins’s qualifications for this job to ensure he is properly qualified to hold the position he is currently in as well as reviewing Mr. Robins’s job performance. A determination should be made on if keeping Mr. Robins in his current position is beneficial for the company, or if the company would benefit more by letting Mr. Robins go. If a determination is to keep Mr. Robins with the company han my recommendation is that Mr. Robins needs to complete proper training on time management skills, planning skills, and training on his current position. Ms. Carrolls also needs to monitor Mr. Robins’s performance throughout the training closely. Mandatory drug testing needs to be completed as soon as possible. The new trainees need to be notified within the next couple days that a drug test needs to be completed and results to ABC Inc. a week before orientation is scheduled to take place. This will allow the possible the new trainees time to complete the drug test around their personal schedule.

Than ABC Inc. will have the results they need so that they do not waste time and resources into any new trainee that has to be let go because of drug use. Recommendations Through careful analysis of this case, I have found that ABC Inc. has either failed to properly train Mr. Robins or ABC Inc. failed to properly evaluate Mr. Robins’s qualification before hiring him as the campus recruiter. ABC Inc. needs to establish a more effective screening process for employees they intend on hiring to ensure they are fully qualified for the position they are applying for. ABC Inc. lso needs to develop and promote a new training program. This will ensure that all employees of ABC Inc. are properly trained on the current position they are in. Time management and planning skills training needs to be incorporated with the training program ensure employees are using company’s time wisely.

With a training program in place all employees will be held accountable for their job performance. “A study conducted by ASTD of 540 U. S. companies concluded that those who invested more in training realized a 37% higher gross profit per employee” (Benjamin, 2013). Training is an essential means of attracting and retaining quality employees as well as increase the efficiency output and production of a company” (Benjamin, 2013). Changes within ABC Inc. need to be addressed and changes need to be made as soon as possible. ABC Inc. runs a risk of wasting money and investing in personal that are inadequately trained or incapable of performing well in their current job position. References: Benjamin, M. (2013). Businesses Benefits from Training. Retrieved February 27, 2013, from http://hr. blr. com/whitepapers/Staffing-Training/Employee-Manager-Training/Businesses-Benefit-From-Training