Carol Anne Duffy Draft Essay

This not 100 % perfect it’s just a draft / practise for exam Consider the ways Duffy explores the beauty of relationships in “hour” Hour written by Carol Anne Duffy explores the never ending emotional highs and lows of a shown in a relationship and but also shown is how just spending time with a love one is precious even if it’s just for a little while.

A way in which Duffy shows the beauty if relationships in hour is through love and time by creating a strong theme connection between the two to show this link she uses phrases such as “love times beggar” this personifies love forming this image for the reader oh how love in desperation is begging time for another hour-hence the title “hour” but yet time has no patience and wants to move on “time hates love”. Another connection between the two is “for thousands of seconds” and “backhanding the night” by using “thousands” and “backhanding” it makes the time between the two lovers stretch out and sound longer and everlasting .

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Also a way of exploring the beauty of relationships Duffy creates yet connection between two themes between love and money. She uses these two themes to symbolize the significance of love over money to do this she embeds phrases like “spend it not on flowers or wine but the whole of the summer sky….. ” by Duffy using this phrase she is almost saying that she will rather not receive any expensive wine or flowers but would rather spend the whole of the summer together. But yet she uses this connection to also represent the importance of love by saying straw can almost be as precious as gold-“but love spins gold, gold, and gold from straw.

Another way Duffy tries to portray the beauty of relationship in “Hero” is by using figurative language techniques for example similes “your hair like treasure on the ground” by using “treasure” it almost saying how rich her hair. In hour Duffy uses light and nature as a way of exploring and portraying the beauty of love foe example “the Midas light turning your limbs to gold” (this refers to the story of a mythical king of how anything he touched would turn to gold) by Duffy using this phrase she is saying how their love is almost to good to be true. So nothing dark will end our shining hour” this creates a contrast between “dark” and “light”. “Hour” by Duffy is made up using the Shakespearean structure of a sonnet this means it is made up of 14 lines and usually contains rhyming couplets at the end of each 14 lines as well as this it contains enjambment lines 12-13 this is when the sentence continues on to the next line by doing this is again stretches out the words” no chandelier or spotlight see you better lit than here”.

Finally a way of exploring beauty of relationships in “hour” Duffy uses rhythm and rhyme set in a melodic flow “but love spins gold, gold, gold from straw” the usage of “gold, gold, gold” emphasizes the spinning of the never ending love this then creates a lyrical melodic tune as well as emphasizing the never ending love it also emphasizes that their time together has now officially come to an end.