Carmilla Essay

1. Which of the following themes is most significant in Carmilla: sexuality, evil or seduction? Be sure to look at how the theme is explored in the story, whether it is explicit or implicit and how it is developed as the narrative progresses. You must also mention how plot, character and setting influence theme in your response.

The most significant theme in Carmilla is evil according to the story. According to the story, we know Laura was a lonely girl her mother left her alone. She never had friend’s she was always lonely. Laura was innocent according to me as we see in the story. Carmilla took advantage of her state, Carmilla becomes a friend with her and very slowly she tries to take advantage of her state. Carmilla was like laura’s best and only friend at that time. She starts taking advantage of her. Author now takes our attention to the relationship of Laura and Carmilla, Author takes our attention to the supernatural powers of the carmilla and there is someone always who tries to make the supernatural natural.

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Also, Carmilla is a vampire, we know vampire’s are real evil. They kill innocent people and want them to be vampire, they also depends on other people for food for blood . So,vampire’s are supposed to be evil as whenever we think of vampire we think of evil monster. Carmilla also do the same thing with Laura. Laura’s dad and his doctor also found the mark of the teeth on the neck of Luara. Doctor leaves of the note for Laura’s dad and tell him to open it in presence of a priest, It indicates there was something wrong going on with Laura, and it also indicates there was some evil things were going on in there house.